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The Deer with the Golden Horns

Once upon a time, a deer lived in a forest; its horns were made of gold; he used to flaunt a lot of his golden horns and did not talk directly to any animal in that forest because he thought he was beautiful. The animal is not in that whole forest; because of the golden horns, he becomes very proud. Still, despite having such beautiful horns, he was not happy because he thought his legs were very thin, weak, and ugly, and he always thought I wished his feet would become as beautiful and golden as his horns.

One day, the deer was drinking water in the river flowing through the forest and was gazing at the reflection of its horns forming in the water. It was happy to see its horns. Suddenly, he heard some noise; on looking here and there, he found that there was a hunter across the pond who was aiming at the deer and shooting his arrow. Seeing this, the deer panicked and ran away, which is why the hunter missed the target. The deer kept running for his life, but the hunter did not give up on him.

While running, the deer’s horns suddenly got stuck in the bushes. The deer tried hard to get rid of its horns, but it could not succeed. The hunter reached there looking for the deer and caught it. The hunter uprooted both the golden horns of the deer. The deer thought in agony, “Oh! I am dying because of the horns on which I used to flaunt so much till today, and the feet I always cursed were saving my life today.” But now, nothing could happen.

This story teaches us that we should not flaunt our beauty because beauty can end anytime.

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