The Man and The Serpent Tail | Aesop Fables

The Man and The Serpent Tail | Aesop Fables

One day, a boy was playing on the field, and while playing, the boy accidentally stepped on a serpent’s tail. The serpent angrily bit the boy on his feet, due to which the poor boy died there.

Hearing the boy’s scream, his father ran away and saw that the serpent had bitten his boy’s leg, due to which he died. Then the father angrily attacked the serpent with an axe; in his attack, the serpent survived, but her tail was cut off.

The serpent got furious and took his revenge by biting the cows and sheep of that man to take revenge. All the cows and sheep of that man died. Seeing this, the man was very sad.

He thought this vendetta had to stop. I will try to befriend the serpent.’ Thinking this, the man presented honey, milk, and food to the serpent.

He said to the serpent, “O serpent! We both should forget our grievances and become friends because of this vengeance. I lost my son and my animals, and you lost your tail. “No!” exclaimed the serpent when she heard this. You’ll never forget your son, and I’ll never forget my tail; my vengeance isn’t over yet.

The serpent jumped on him to bite. That person ran to escape. Suddenly, he got his axe. He quickly picked up his axe and hit the serpent fiercely. Because of this blow, the serpent was divided into two pieces and died.

From this story, we learn that a bad person does not change their nature and should always be kept away from such people.

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