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Ungrateful Wolf

The Ungrateful Wolf | Podcast

Once, a wolf was eating his dinner when he accidentally swallowed a small bone that got stuck in his throat. The bone caused him a great deal of pain and discomfort, and he began to plead with anyone who passed by to help remove it. He promised to give anything to the one who could help him.

Finally, a crane came along and offered to help the wolf. The crane put its long beak down the wolf’s throat and managed to loosen the bone, eventually removing it. The wolf was relieved and grateful to the crane for its help.

However, when the crane asked for its reward, the wolf turned out to be a deceitful and ungrateful animal. He laughed and said that he had already spared the crane’s life by not eating it when it put its beak in his mouth. The crane felt disappointed and betrayed by the wolf’s response and regretted helping him in the first place.

The moral of this story is that ingratitude can be a serious character flaw. The wolf in the story was quick to ask for help, but when the crane asked for its reward, the wolf was unwilling to keep his promise. The crane had risked its own life to help the wolf, but the wolf was ungrateful and did not appreciate the crane’s help.

The story teaches us that it is important to be grateful for the help we receive from others and to show our appreciation for their efforts. It reminds us that when we make promises or commitments to others, we should always keep them and not take advantage of those who have helped us.

The story is a reminder that being grateful and showing appreciation can build stronger relationships and help us earn the respect of others. On the other hand, being ungrateful can damage relationships and lead to mistrust and resentment.

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