Shepherd Boy and The Wolf

The Shepherd Boy and The Wolf Kids Story

The Shepherd Boy And The Wolf Story belongs to a little boy whose name is Harsh.

He lived with his father in a small village; harsh and his father were both shepherds.

They earned their living by grazing sheep.

But harsh was a very naughty boy; every day was a new day with his new little mischief.
What do I do today? Why can’t I see anyone here?
Who do I play a prank on? I can’t let today pass by! Oh! I am so bored! Come on! think of something…
Just then, harsh father came to see him. What happens, Harsh?
Why are you standing here? Oh, nothing, father!
I was wondering what work do I do.
Okay, do one thing, I don’t feel good today; why don’t you take the sheep to graze on the field near the jungle?
Sure father, I will take them today.
Listen, you have to watch over them closely. Otherwise, the wolf will eat of them!
Don’t you worry! I must leave now; It is almost time to graze the sheep!
Although harsh was very naughty, he never said no to his father for anything.
As per his father’s instruction, harsh untied the sheep and took out to gaze near the jungle.
He had a wooden stick in one hand.
Soon, harsh with all his sheep, he reached the field near the jungle.
He saw a big tree right at the center.
Harsh carefully climbed up and sat on the tree.
He began to use his wooden sling to pelt stones onto the ground.
But soon, he got bored. Suddenly, he thought of a trick!
He thought of having a little fun, and he began to scream!s
HELP! HELP! There comes the wolf.
Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! HELP! Somebody help me, he will eat all my sheep.
He is right there; please help me.
As soon as the villager heard his cry, they were shocked and scared!
Oh, no! harsh is in danger!
The wolf will kill him; we must go there at once!
Yes, let’s go quickly; let’s go! Let’s go!
Everybody ran towards the jungle.
They picked up anything that could be used as a weapon to attack the tiger!
The busy villager left all their work and ran to save harsh.
As they reached. they asked where the wolf was? are you hurt?
Don’t worry, harsh! We are here, now get off the tree!
Tell us where the wolf is! Yes! Where is the wolf? Where is he! Tell us!
Ha.Ha.Ha… Wolf what wolf. There is no wolf here!
Then why were you screaming? Was this a prank?
Harsh! what kind of mischief is this? Harsh; you must not play such pranks!

Don’t ever do it again!
You will get in trouble someday; we left all our work to come to save you!
That’s enough, Harsh! Your pranks are creating trouble for us now!
I will never do this again. Harsh couldn’t stop laughing!
But Harsh was very pleased with himself! Ha.Ha… this made my day!
The day passed, and harsh returned home with all his sheep.
The next day, he went to graze his sheep again, and today he also decided to play the same prank with all the villagers.
HELP! HELP! There comes the wolf; he will eat all my sheep.
He is right there; please help me.
Once again, the villager heard his cry from the jungle.
Those who didn’t know about the prank got worried!
They all ran towards the jungle to help harsh!
They thought Harsh was in danger; let’s go and help him!
Oh! Yes, poor child! How he will face the wolf alone!
We must go right now, yes! Let’s go! oh, I hope he is all right!
Once again, failing for his innocence, the villager ran to rescue harsh.
As they reached the jungle, they saw that harsh was safely sitting on the tree and laughing!
Ha.Ha.Ha… look at your faces, what happen to you?
There is no wolf here! Why were you so screaming?
There is no wolf over here! Ha…Ha…Ha…
What’s wrong with you? You have to stop these.
When will you grow up? I’m afraid that’s not right harsh.
You may not have work! But we do!
Why do you keep troubling everyone, Harsh?
This is not fair. You will pay for your mischief someday. Harsh!
We came running for you, and this is how you pay us back!
We will never come to your rescue again! Let’s go!
Yes! We will never listen to him again!
Why are you all going back? What will I tell the wolf now?
The villagers saw harsh laughing. They were now angry; all of them screamed at harsh and stormed out.
This was now a routine for Harsh.
He would come to the lawn and cry for help.
The villagers understood his trick very well now.
But one day, Harsh luck did not work!
As he took his sheep to graze, there came a wolf.
Not one but many! Harsh cried for help!
Somebody Help me!
But this time, nobody came to his rescue. Nobody listened to his cries.
Wolf started attacking his sheep! Somebody help me!
This is routine for him now! His cries are always foul.
We will not waste our time anymore! You are right; we will not go there!
Harsh kept screaming for help, but nobody heard his cries.
The wolf attacked all the sheep one by one and ate them all!
Harsh sat there helpless… and cried and cried. He had lost all his sheep!
Soon the news reached Harsh father. He got worried and ran towards the jungle!
What have you done, Harsh! These sheep were the only way for us to earn! And now they are gone.
How will we earn now? What will we eat?
I always overlooked your mischief. But this is too much.
What do I do with you now?
Please forgive me, father! I made a huge mistake.
I am so sorry! I will never trouble others. I will never lie; I am sorry.

The moral of The Shepherd Boy And The Wolf kids Story is:- Even if you are telling the truth, no one will believe you if you continue to lie. Always speak it as it is.

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