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Once upon a time, King Arthur’s King of the Sea lived with his mother and six daughters in the deep blue sea. The King loved all his daughters, but he especially loved little more than the younger daughter Ariel, who was a mermaid.

Once, it was the birthday of Marina, the fifth daughter of the King. All the courtiers and the public gathered in the king’s court to celebrate the princess’s birthday. King Arthur wished his daughter a “happy birthday, my dear child.” The daughter replied, “Thank you very much, Dad.” Everyone in the court congratulated her, “Happy Birthday, Princess.”

King Arthur declared, “I am pleased to announce that my fifth daughter, Marina, has turned 18, and I am sending her to the surface to enjoy the sun and fresh air.” Remember that we all have to follow some rules of the ocean world. The human world is not like the ocean; humans are very dangerous, so always be careful not to go near humans.

Hearing this, his youngest daughter Ariel asked him, “Can I go with Marina too?” “No, my child.” said the King. “But I want to see the humans,” said Ariel; King Arthur said to Ariel, “You can go when you are 18.” I promise I will let you go there. Hearing this, the little mermaid Ariel was very upset. She decided to spend some time alone.

Ariel angrily moves away from home with her friend Prawn, reaching an area where there is a big storm. The strong waves are rising; the lightning constantly falls from the sky into the water. Just then, Ariel sees that a huge thing is sinking in the water, and a person is trying to swim in the waves around him.

After seeing all this, Ariel said, “Oh my god, this is awesome; what is it?” The shrimp replied, “He is a sinking ship, and he is a human?” Ariel replied, “Hey man, he does not look dangerous at all; on the contrary, he looks very good; he looks like my doll. The little mermaid Ariel shouts, “Oh no! We must save that man.” The little mermaid Ariel rescues the prince and takes him swimming to the beach.

The prince was still unconscious; Ariel began to pump the prince’s stomach and expel the excess water. She then waits for the prince to open his eyes and regain consciousness. Ariel saw that a group of girls was coming. She did not want to be seen by any human, so she immediately went back into the water.

One of the girls sees the prince and says, “Prince is still alive. Take him to the hospital immediately. ” At the same time, the prince comes to his senses; he saw a girl. The prince thinks that this girl has saved his life. He speaks. ” “Thank you so much for saving my life.”

 Little did the prince realize that the Little Mermaid had saved his life. The Little Mermaid, who was watching all this from the water, gets sad because she starts loving the prince in her heart, and she also knows that she will never be able to meet the prince again.

Grieved, Ariel returns to her home; she goes to her grandmother and asks, “Is love too dangerous?” Grandma replies, “No, love is the most beautiful thing in the world.” Hearing this, Ariel tells her the whole thing and says, “I want to be with that prince in his world.”

Hearing this, the grandmother said, “No, it is against the law of the sea; you cannot live with humans.” Ariel replies, “I don’t care; I just want to be with my love.”

After all this, Ariel goes to her friend Prawn and asks her for help. Prawn says there is a way, but it is too risky, and King Arthur will not leave me when he finds out. Ariel speaks. Tell me what to do. Do not worry about my father; I will take care of him.

After hearing this, the shrimp says, if anyone can help you in the whole sea, it’s the sea witch living on the black hill, but she is very dangerous and never helps for free. Ariel says, “No problem. I am ready to take any risk to get my love.” Then the prawn, without hesitation, took the little mermaid to the witch’s cave.

The witch watched Ariel, and the shrimp in the magic ball approach her cave. The magic ball tells the witch that the little mermaid is very nice and helps all the creatures in the sea. The magic mirror also tells us that she will turn into a fairy when the princess is about to die because of her good deeds.

The little mermaid reaches the witch, tells her everything, and asks her to help her.

The witch says, “I want to help you, but you are a princess. If your father comes to know, he will punish me very badly.”

The witch says, “Okay, I will help you and turn you from a mermaid to a human, but you have to give me your voice, and you will never be able to speak again. Yes, if you find your love and the prince also falls in love with you, then your voice will come back, and if you fail to find your love, you will fall into the foam of these ocean waves and end up. 

The witch gives the princess a magical solution and says to drink it when you reach the surface; she will change from a mermaid to a human girl after drinking this.

When King Arthur learns that his daughter has gone to the witch’s cave, he becomes very upset, eagerly waiting for her to come home so he can talk to her.

When Arial reaches home, the King asks her everything. Ariel then tells him that she has fallen in love with a human prince and wants to be with him. She had gone to the witch, and the witch had given her a magical solution, after which she would become a human. Hearing this, the king becomes very sad and upset and tries to convince his daughter. Still, Ariel, however, is not ready to listen to anything, and she wants to spend her life with the prince.

Then the king asks if he is sure that the prince will like him? On this, Arial replies that it is not in her hands, but she would like to make an effort.

Arial leaves everyone and goes to the seashore, where she drinks the magic solution. Her body starts feeling very badly, and she faints from the pain. When she opens her eyes, she sees that her tail has disappeared, her feet have come in their place, and the same prince is sitting beside her.

The prince also starts to like Ariel, so he asks her Hey, beautiful girl would you like to dance with me? Then they keep dancing on the same seashore; days go by like this.

The first girl now starts burning and feels that the prince should not marry Ariel, so she starts filling the prince’s ears with anti-Ariel. At first, the prince was not confident in her words. However, when she started repeatedly saying something wrong about him, the prince also started feeling her words were true. He also started thinking that Ariel never spoke anything; definitely, something was wrong in his mind. Moreover, he throws the idea of ​​marrying Ariel out of his heart.

One day, the prince introduces the girl to his father and says he wants to marry her. When Ariel finds out about this, she cries; her heart breaks completely.

As soon as King Arthur learns about this, he becomes worried about his daughter and immediately heads to the surface to pick her up. All of Ariel’s sisters immediately go to meet the filthy sea witch.

King Arthur convinces Ariel to come back, but she does not agree. Her sister approaches the sea witch and asks her to take back her magic. Nevertheless, the witch is not ready for that. After pleading with the sisters, she says that if Arial kills the prince with my sword, she can be free.

Ariel’s sisters take that sword and reach Ariel. King Arthur and Ariel’s sister convince Ariel a lot to kill the prince with this sword so that she will be freed from the curse and can go back to her kingdom at sea with them.

Ariel takes the sword and goes to the prince’s room; the prince is sleeping at that time; Ariel reaches near to the prince with the sword; when she sees the prince, she starts remembering all the old things, and without killing the prince, she comes back. The sound of Ariel’s departure awakens the prince, and he starts chasing Ariel.

When King Arthur sees the sword without blood, he asks Ariel if he did not kill the prince. Ariel says, in a gesture, that she cannot kill her love. Furthermore, it is better to give her life than kill him.

The prince was secretly listening to everyone’s talk. He understands that Ariel has saved his life. She loved him. She became a human instead of a mermaid, and her voice also went away.

He is very sorry for his actions. He proceeds to save Ariel, but Ariel jumps into the water by then. The prince shouts aloud, “Ariel, my love, come back. Suddenly, a fairy comes out of the water with Ariel. Ariel, too, had now turned into a fairy-like her. The fairy says that she has turned into an angel because of Ariel’s good work, and now she will live in Angel Land.

King Arthur and Ariel’s sisters rejoice that Ariel is safe and is on her way to a better place.

The prince shouts back, “Ariel, I love you,” Ariel replies, “My prince, now I have to go, but I will take the birth of a human, and then we will get married. Wait for me.”

The prince waits for Ariel, and when Ariel returns to Earth in human form, they get married.

  • The Moral of Ariel’s from the Little Mermaid Story is that If we were to give up during challenges, we would never achieve our dreams. However, if you try your best, you can succeed.

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