The Twelve Dancing Princesses | Fairy Tale

Twelve Dancing Princesses

The Twelve Dancing Princesses | Podcast

Once upon a time, there was a king who had twelve daughters. Every morning, the king would notice that the princesses’ shoes were worn out as if they had been dancing all night. He was determined to find out where they were going and announced a reward to anyone who could solve the mystery.

Many princes and knights tried to solve the mystery but failed. One day, a young soldier who was passing by the kingdom heard about the reward and decided to try his luck. He approached the king and offered to solve the mystery.

The king agreed, and the soldier was taken to a room next to the princesses’ bedroom. The room had twelve beds, and the soldier was instructed to stay awake all night and find out where the princesses were going.

As the soldier lay down on his bed, he pretended to be asleep but kept a close eye on the princesses. At midnight, he saw the princesses get out of their bed and put on their new dresses and shoes. They then walked towards a secret door in the wall that opened magically as they approached.

The soldier quickly put on his cloak and followed the princesses through the secret door. The princesses walked down a long tunnel that led to a magical world where they danced all night with handsome princes. The soldier watched in amazement as the princesses danced and laughed with their partners.

The soldier knew he had solved the mystery and returned to the king with the news. The king was overjoyed and offered the soldier the reward. The soldier declined the reward and instead asked for the hand of the eldest princess in marriage.

The king agreed, and the soldier married the princess. The other eleven princesses also found their true loves, and they all lived happily ever after. The magical underground world remained a secret, and the princesses continued to dance there every night.

One day, the soldier shared the secret with the eldest princess’s father, and the king decided to seal the secret door to prevent any mishaps. After that, the princesses no longer disappeared every night, but they remained as happy as ever.

The moral of the story is that curiosity can lead to exciting discoveries, and sometimes, it’s the little details that can uncover the biggest secrets.

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