United We Stand Divided We Fall Story

United We Stand Divided We, Fall Story

In a dense forest, once upon a time, there were four bulls that lived together. The way he reached that forest was unknown to him, but, ever since he regained consciousness, they had all been living together as one.

In addition to being very close friends, the four of them had also lived together, traveled together, and always ate together as a family. In the forest, animals were afraid to attack him. Therefore, when they attempted to harm him, all four of them caused his misfortune by hitting him at the same time. Even the lions of the jungle could not dare to attack him.

The four used to roam fearlessly in that forest, and after eating all day, they started looking very strong and healthy.

A very intelligent fox served as an advisor to the king of the lion’s court. It was obvious that the lion wanted to eat all four of them, but he was too scared to attack them because he was afraid of hurting himself. She then thinks that if I help the lion kill them, then he will give me a great deal of respect and reward as a result of helping them.

Thinking this, the fox walks up to the lion, and says that sir, if I help you kill those bulls, will I get some reward? While hearing the bull’s name, the Lion’s mouth fills with water. In addition to the reward, he said to the fox, I will also make you the prime minister of the state.

The fox becomes happy after listening to the lion and starts thinking of ways to kill the bullocks. It is impossible to win the battle with strength because bulls are not afraid of lions. Due to this, she will have to find out what their weaknesses are so she can exploit them.

The fox, after much thought, has come to the conclusion that their strength lies in their unity. The unity between them will have to be broken.

Keeping this in mind, she begins to watch the routine of the bullocks and what they do during the day. A bull gets separated from the rest of the bulls for a period of time and spends a long time wandering far away to graze. This behavior is observed while watching the bullocks.

As soon as she saw the opportunity, she reached for the bull and said, “Hello bull brother.” The bull looked at the fox and asked, “Hello aunt, how are you? How did you come here today?” The fox responded that she was passing by and stopped to meet the king of the jungle.

A bull became very happy when he heard what the fox said to him. During this conversation, he proudly states, “Fox aunt, I am not the king of the jungle, the lion is.” To his surprise, the fox responds, “Oh, you are so strong, so huge, and you have such fierce and huge horns, I think you should be the king of the jungle.” ohh it’s true everyone has their own luck. The fox speaks with a rotten mouth.

When the bull hears the fox’s words, he feels guilty and says, “I am not king of the jungle.” So how about I become the king of my herd, and then I will become the king of the jungle as well.”

The fox said crookedly, “Brother, I do not see the truth in your words, because everyone obeys the king of the flock and follows him, but you graze alone, and no one cares about you. You look at the lion, when he goes to drink water, no animal dares to drink water with the lion.”

Hearing her, the bull feels very upset. He says, “Fox aunt, you come back tomorrow, then you see whether I am the king or not.” The fox says to provoke him, “Let’s see this tomorrow too.”

After the fox has left, the bull turns to the rest of his friends and says, “Brothers, there is a king in every animal’s herd, so I have decided that from today I am the king of my herd because I am the best.” I am a strong and wise bull, my horn is the biggest and strongest, and I will protect you all from the dangerous beasts of the forest.

Hearing him, the other three bulls got very angry, and they started saying, “Who told you that you are the most powerful and strong?

One of the bulls says that I am the eldest of all four, so I should be the king. The second bull replies that if my horn is the biggest and the strongest, then I will be king. The third bull claims that I am the only one among us. Consequently, the fourth bull declares that I will become king since I am the most powerful.

Thus, all four of them begin arguing among themselves, and gradually the situation gets more dire until they begin fighting. As the fight progresses, all four bulls kill and injure each other, and in the end all the bulls are injured and fall to the ground.

The fox hides and watches the fight between the four, calling the lion from the middle. The bulls were now easy prey for lions, and no bull was capable of helping another bull at this point. As a result, the lion was able to kill the four bullocks and consume them all at the same time.

The lesson to be learned from this story is that there is power in unity. When there is a division between us, the enemy will take advantage of it.

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