The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse bed time Story

Once upon a time, a little mouse named Chintu lived in the town.

One day, he found a photo of his friend Mintu from the countryside.

So he decided to pay him a visit and surprise him.

When he reaches his friend’s village, he sees a very foul smell of animals from that place. He thinks, “no problem, I will get to my friend’s house soon.”

Hii, My dear friend Mintu, How are you?

I’m all good. I thought of surprising you.

What a surprise!! My dear friend, welcome to the country.
I’m thrilled you traveled all the way from the city to pay me a visit.

They both started talking for a while. You had such a long journey you must be tired now, why don’t you freshen up.

Meanwhile, I shall prepare something for you.

The country mouse Mintu heads towards the farm…

Town mouse Chintu was freshening up.

Alright then, lets me go and dig some fresh vegetables!

Meanwhile, town mouse Chintu finished all the water while freshening up.

There is so little water! My city is so much better.

The town mouse comes out. All irritated.

Come, we will eat outside. I have everything ready for you.

The Country mouse serves sweet potatoes, fresh beetroots, turnips, and fresh milk.

Why don’t you have a seat?

The country mouse serves the town mouse.

Is that what you eat in the country?

Bland food… just so tasteless!

The country mouse tried hard to impress his friend. But he did not succeed.

After food, the country mouse decides to show the farm to the town mouse.

The air is so fresh, I can even smell the scent of those flowers.

What’s this green stuff?

Those are some fresh peas, then they came across dumping.

This smells so dirty! My town is so clean.

Honestly, my dear friend, I don’t like the way you live eating this kind of food surrounded by insects and with all this dirt?
Eating this kind of food. Surrounded by insects and covered in filth?

Come to my town. You will forget all this.

I’m sorry for the food, but nothing is wrong with my food.

Everything is so fresh over here.

I’d like to invite you to spend a few days with me in the city so that I may show you around…

I will make you eat cheese, pasta, and whatnot.

That sounds awesome.

I am sure you will be delighted.

The town mouse began gathering his belongings and preparing to go. It’s time for me to leave. Thank you.

I had a great time! I’ll see you in town soon.

The mice hugged each other and said goodbye to each other.

A few days later, the country mouse, Mintu, began to pack his bag to visit the city mouse.

What a tall building, shiny cars…

What delicious meal will I have? I’m just in love with the city.

While crossing the road, they were luckily saved from hitting the car. What a loud noise!

He finally reaches the city’s mouse Chintu house.

Hello, my dear friend. Welcome to my house.

The city mouse invited the country mouse inside.

They spoke for a while. The town mouse smelled the dinner being set by the house staff and said, “Come on, my friend.” The food has been prepared.

The country mouse was very excited about eating that food.

Help yourself, friend. There’s cheese, milk, toast, peanut butter, cake, and fruit.

Thanks, I am really impressed with your lifestyle. I think I will stay here with you.

As soon as he began eating, the servant came back.

He got a stick to shoo them away. You dirty little creatures. Go away!

Come on, run! Let’s hide!

The town mouse, Chintu, was very embarrassed.

Don’t worry, friend. We will eat as soon as he is gone!

They made the decision to take a walk till the table was cleared.

Come, I’ll show you a place where you can get all types of food.

What, what is that?

On the way to The famous department store, they saw a cat running at full speed towards them.

Hurry up and hide.

What was that? My heart is pounding so fast!

She’s a big fat cat, and she’ll leave in a minute if you stay quiet.

After the cat went, they re-entered the department store. The country mouse saw something strange-looking.

What is that? Be careful! It’s a mousetrap.

What is a mousetrap?

Well, I don’t know how to explain it to you. There will be a piece of cheese, and the minute you try to grab the cheese inside, you get stuck, and you can never come out!

I think I have a heart attack. This is too much for me.

Well, don’t be too serious now. Just be cautious.

Well, I have had enough of all of his running and jumping and feeling frightened.

This isn’t why I came here in the first place.


I have decided to go back to my home.

It’s so peaceful there. I’m so sorry for all this.

I prefer to go and eat fresh food in my garden rather than fancy food in fear all the time.

It’s better to live simply than to run all over the luxurious life.

So the little country mouse Mintu, went back home and stayed for the rest of his life.

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