Jesus Spreads God’s Word | Bible Story

Jesus Spreads God’s Word

“Let your light shine before men in the good works you do for the glory of God!” said Jesus. “I have not come to destroy the law or the prophets.” I came to fulfill them. Do not break the commandments!

But he warned them that they must not follow the law merely by talking about it or carrying out rituals. Their righteousness must be greater than that of the Pharisees and scribes. They merely followed the rituals they had gotten used to but had not understood the great compassion and love with which Jesus spread the word of God.

“Obey God’s laws righteously with your heart. Please don’t take what belongs to another or injure him, or you will be judged by that person someday.

Forgive anyone who hurts you instead of trying to return an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Do not look at any woman or even think of anyone other than your wife, for it is a sin.

When someone asks you to walk a mile with them, walk two miles. Love not only your friends but your enemies, too, for God gives sunshine and rain equally to those who are good or evil. Be merciful and just, like God. And keep away from evil!”

He asked them not to be hypocritical when they prayed or fasted. And they should store the natural treasures that were qualities of the heart, not gold and silver and things that rusted or got stolen.

For, said Jesus, “No man can serve two masters.” He can serve God or collect wealth.

Trust God! “Look at the field lilies; they do not toil or spin, yet they are beautiful!” he remarked. You will receive all things if you seek the kingdom of God.

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