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The Donkey and the Dew Drops

Once upon a time, a donkey was being driven down the road. Suddenly, he heard a sweet and melodious voice in his ears while walking. The donkey gets mesmerized by that sound and starts following that voice. Following the sound, he reaches a grasshopper who is singing a song while sitting on the leaf of a tree.

Hearing the grasshopper’s song, the donkey says to the grasshopper, “Is that sweet and melodious voice yours?” The grasshopper shakes his head in a yes posture. The donkey says again, “I always wanted to make my hoarse voice sweet and sweet like yours; what do you eat and drink that makes your voice so melodious?” That grasshopper was very naughty. He joked, “Brother, I drink dew drops.” Maybe that’s why my voice is so sweet. If you also drink a drop of dew, your voice will become sweet and harmonious like mine.

The donkey always wanted to change his hoarse voice into a sweet one. So, he took the grasshopper’s words seriously and now decided to drink only a drop of dew as food. The donkey did not eat or drink anything except a drop of dew for a few days. After a few days, he gradually became weak and lean and died of starvation.

That’s why it is said that one who has what he has should be satisfied with it; otherwise, whatever he has, like a donkey, he may also have to lose.

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