The Cart Driver and God | Aesop Fables

The Cart Driver and God

Long ago, a man named Henry used to drive a laundry cart. He used to carry people’s goods from one place to another by filling them in his car.

One day, as usual, he left with a heavy load in his car. It had rained that day, and the road was also bad, due to which he could not see the pothole on the road, and the wheel of his car got stuck in the mud.

The man did not try to get the car’s wheel and sat there. He stared at the wheel stuck in the mud for a long time and then started crying loudly.

After a while, he started remembering God and calling him for help. Hearing his compassionate call, God came to his aid.

But seeing the condition of that man, he got very angry. He asked the man, “Why are you sitting here? The man starts weeping loudly on seeing God and says that the wheel of his car is stuck in the mud. He has to reach these goods to the owner of the goods quickly.

Bhagwan asked what measures he had taken so far to get the car’s wheel? So the man bowed his head and nodded his head. After listening to him, God said that the person who cannot help himself, even God, does not help him, and God always helps only those who try.

The man now realizes his mistake. He immediately got up from his place and, with the help of his shoulders, started trying to remove the wheel of the car. After some effort and effort, the man pulled the wheel of his car out of the mud and thanked God for coming and showing the man the right path.

After that, that man changed forever, and he never used to remember God for every little thing.

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