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Once upon a time, there lived a nobleman, or so the story goes. He only had one eye because of something bad that happened to him. He was out and about one day when he saw an inn. “Do you think it would be a good idea to spend a few days here? He was the only one who thought, “That’s not a bad idea!” Because of this, the nobleman rented a room at the inn and moved his family there. Every day, the daughters of the innkeeper would keep a close eye on the nobleman. “It’s really too bad! They would be confused about why this person only has one eye.

At some point, they asked the noblewoman how he had lost sight in one eye. The response from the nobleman was, “My story starts a long time ago. My father was a king back then. I went to another country to see my cousin who lives there. While I was away, the evil wazir killed my father and took his place on the throne. When I was trying to get back home, the wazir’s men caught me.”

After a few moments of silence, the nobleman spoke. The daughters of the innkeeper were listening to him with curious looks on their faces. They asked, “What was the wazir thinking when he captured you?” “In reality, the wazir was planning to get even with me,” the nobleman said. “Revenge for what?” the girls asked each other.

The aristocrat said, “During those times, I had a lot of respect for bows and arrows.”

During one of my photo sessions, I accidentally hurt the wazir by. He lost his left eye because my arrow hit him in the left eye. Since then, he’s been looking for a chance to move up in his job. Also, after my father died, he was able to find a good opportunity.

“After kidnapping me earlier in the day, the wazir laughed in a wicked way. “You had made me completely blind in my left eye. “Now get ready for me to treat you the same way,” the wazir said to me. I asked him to forgive me and told him that I hadn’t meant for him to go blind. But the wazir didn’t pay any attention to my pleas and kept going. He not only kicked me out of the realm, but he also made my left eye go blind.

“I was stuck in the middle of nowhere for several days because I couldn’t move. Several wandering monks who felt sorry for me pulled me out of the cave. Since then, every time I leave, I go in a different direction. And now I’m standing here in front of you.”

At that point, the story of the nobleman was over. The innkeeper’s daughters replied, “The story of your life was so sad that it broke all of our hearts.” After telling them this story, which kept them interested, the nobleman went on his way.

Moral: We should always sympathize with the weak.

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