Learn How to play Clue board game: Winning Strategies in just 5 min

Clue board game

The clue is one of the best board games in the world. If you are a game lover, you should look at this game. This is a classic board game of clues, murder, and mayhem that can be a lot of fun. But, do you know how to play it and win? But if you’re not familiar with the game or haven’t played it in a while, you may not know the best winning strategies. So, before playing this game, you need to learn all about it—from basic rules to winning strategies. So, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, read on for everything you need to know about Clue in just five minutes.

What is a clue board game?

Clue, also known as Cluedo, is a classic board game that has been around for over seventy years. In 1949, a new board game was released in Leeds, England, and it would become one of the most popular board games in history. The game’s objective is to solve a murder mystery by deducing who the murderer was, what weapon they used, and where the crime occurred. Players collect clues by moving around the board and interrogating other players. The first player to correctly solve the mystery wins the game. The clue is worth checking out if you’re looking for a challenging and intriguing party game!

Clue’s Game Object?

The clue is a classic board game that has been around for decades. The game’s goal is to figure out who killed Mr. Boddy, where it happened, and with what weapon. This game is all about solving a murder mystery. But what if you could get even more out of the game? Using some psychology techniques can make your Clue experience even more immersive and fun.

Which categories do clue board games come in?

It’s a strategy game based on a murder crime.

Game Setup

  • Place that suspect token on the designated beginning space.
  • If there are fewer than 5 players, put the remaining tokens on the proper names since they may be engaged in the crime!
  • Place the weapons in a random room.
  • Arrange the cards into three categories: suspects, rooms, and weapons.
  • Fold each group’s facial expression, draw one card from each, and place it in the “Case File Secret” box. Put it on the “X” in the middle of the board.
  • Fold the leftover cards into three groups and deal them face down, counter-clockwise around the board.
  • Inspect the cards in your hand if you want. You can also mark them as possibilities in your notes.

How to Play a Clue Board Game?

First, decide how the game will go. Have everyone roll a die. The person with the highest roll goes first, then around the table, rotating.

When it’s a player’s turn, they roll the two dice. This is the number of spaces you can move. You can use your movement to move to other places or stay where you have been. Players can move up and down, left and right, but never diagonally across the board.

If you didn’t roll well enough to get a room, you might end up in a room. Using the optional red cards, you can aim for any space with a question mark and take the top card from the red deck.

How to Play:

If you’ve made it into a room, you must pause and offer a recommendation. These are a character, a gun, and the place you are currently in. You must bring the gun and the person you want to ask about into the room.

Starting with the person to your left, the other players will try to show you that you’re wrong by giving you one clue that goes against your idea. Even if they have more than one clue to prove you wrong, they will only show you one, and if they can’t, it will go to the next person in line until you get a clue.

If no one can give you a hint, then well done! You should have the correct answers if you didn’t ask about characters, weapons, or places already marked on your sheet.

At the end of your turn, you can mark off any clues you got or conclusions you made. I decided to move the characters and weapons to stay in that hallway until they were relocated again.

Clue board Winning Suggestion

To start, determine who will play “The Detective” and “The Murderer.” The Detective will try to figure out who the murderer is while The Murderer tries to kill everyone else off. To do this, the detective will ask questions that can only be answered by someone with knowledge of a particular clue. Once a player has figured out the answer to a question, they can mark it off their card pool.

The Murderer can also attempt to kill players off by playing cards that give them information about other players. For example, playing a card that says “Who Killed John?” will provide The Murderer with information about who killed John. If the detective guesses correctly who killed John, they can earn points in addition to the glory of being the winner!

So, there you have some winning strategies for playing the Clue board game! Keep these tips in mind.

Clue board game equipment

  • In the Clue Board games, you will see 9 rooms on it.
  • Colonel Mustard (yellow), Miss Scarlet (red), Professor Plum (purple), Mr. Green (green), Mrs. White (white), and Mrs. Peacock (blue) are each represented by a different colored token. 
  • There are 6 small weapons, rope, a lead pipe, a knife, a wrench, and a candlestick.
  • There are 6 suspects, 6 weapons, and 9 rooms, each with a card.

Clue board game rules

The game’s objective is to solve a crime by figuring out who did it, where it happened, and with what weapon. Up to six players can play the game, and each player is given a different color playing piece to move around the board.

The game can be won in three ways:

  • Correctly guessing all of the clues and solving the crime.
  • Being the first player to reach Mr. Boddy’s mansion.
  • Accusing another player of committing the crime and having them proven guilty.

How many players can play a clue board game?

The Clue Board Game can be played with 2-6 players. In the game, players take turns moving around the board, asking each other questions to determine the answer to the mystery. The player who solves the puzzle first wins! This game is perfect for a family night or a party with friends. So, gather your loved ones and get ready to have some fun!


We hope you enjoyed our article about how to play the Clue board game. With this knowledge, we know you can make the most of your game nights and learn how to play the Clue board game easily. So, what are you waiting for? Download Clue today and start playing. 

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