Greediness can make a Person Blind | Arabian Nights Story

Abdullah was a wealthy merchant who used to live in the past. He wanted more than he needed. Once, he put expensive spices on forty camels and went to a faraway town. He sold all of his spices when he got there. He stopped at an hotel to eat lunch on his way back home. Abdullah met a holy man there. They became friends quickly.

“Would you like to go to a secret land full of treasures?” asked the holy man. “Why not?” asked Abdullah, who was very greedy. “Your camels can come with you. We’ll fill them with precious stones like diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and gold and silver. But when we get back, I’ll be carrying half of the load. Does that sound good to you? “Asked the saint. Abdullah thought, “That’s not a bad deal.” “Okay,” he said with a nod.

Then they left. They soon came to a land that was surrounded by mountains. The holy man then pulled out a small box and spread some powder on the ground from it. A huge cloud of smoke came out of it. When the smoke cleared, Abdullah saw an opening that led to a cave deep inside the mountain. Abdullah’s eyes were blinded by the sparkle of the gems and jewels.

“Come in,” the holy man said. There were a lot of diamonds, rubies, and other beautiful gems in the cave. Abdullah had never seen anything like it. He started quickly to pack his bags and put them on his camels. After he had loaded all forty camels, the holy man said, “We will leave now. You take 20 camels, and I’ll take 20 camels.”

Abdullah interrupted, “I don’t know what good all that money does for you, O Holy Man. I’ll take 30 camels, and you can take the rest.” The holy man agreed right away. Now, Abdullah’s greed slowly took over. He said, “For a religious man like you, even ten loads of camels would be too much. Let me also take them.”

The holy man didn’t say anything against it. Still, Abdullah wasn’t happy. He said, in a sneaky way, “Since you are so religious, I don’t think you would ever need to get rich. Then why don’t you give me that magic powder?” The holy man then said, “If you don’t use it right, this powder could be very dangerous. When you rub it on your left eye, everything you see turns gold. But rubbing it on your right eye will make you go blind.”

But Abdullah’s greed took him over completely. He was confident about getting the magic power. So, the holy man gave him the small box with the magic powder inside and left. Now Abdullah couldn’t hold back his curiosity. He put some powder on his left eye quickly. Everything he saw with his left eye did, in fact, turn to gold. He was surprised. He thought “If I rub the powder on my right eye as well, I will be able to transform the entire universe into gold.”

And even though the holy man told Abdullah not to, he put the powder on his right eye anyway. What’s up! He went blind right away. “Aaaaa!” he yelled out in pain. “Damn it, I shouldn’t have given in to my greed,” he said to himself. But it was already too late.

Moral: Greedy man always regrets.

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