The Stolen Ruby | Arabian Night Story

There was a prince named Zaman who lived a long time ago. Once upon a time, he accompanied his beloved princess Bedoura on a walk through the forest. The princess removed her jewellery after completing her supper so that she might have some time to relax and put her feet up.

A bird descended from the skies above, took a ruby, and then flew away as the princess put the stones away in a secure location. When the princess first laid eyes on the precious stone, she gasped, “My, my most gorgeous ruby…!” “Don’t worry about it, my darling; everything will be okay. Prince Zaman replied, “I will get it back for you,” as he dashed in the direction from which the bird had taken the ruby. “I will get it back for you,” he said. “I will get it back for you,” the speaker said.

The prince was able to make his way through the thick brush and vegetation. However, because the prince could only travel the route that went through the land, he couldn’t catch the bird because it took the route that went through the sky. The bird was gone just as swiftly as it had appeared. The nervous prince exclaimed, “Ah, what should I do now?” as his anxiety level increased. Because he had gone so far into the forest, he had become confused and lost his bearings due to his journey. Instantaneously, he was taken back to the time he had spent with the princess in his memories.

Oh, it seems my princess is by herself over there all by herself. It seems like the ruby was put in the wrong spot. The prince’s mind started to wander to the possibility of how soon he may get back to his princess. After a long and difficult trek through the thorny bushes and plants, the prince ultimately returned to the area where he had left Princess Bedoura. The voyage had taken a very long time.

However, to his dismay, there was no evidence to suggest that the princess had ever visited that location. When the prince couldn’t find his lover, he called after her, “O my beauty, where are you?” However, he did not receive any responses to his pleas. It just so happened that Princess Bedoura had been standing about for a considerable amount of time in anticipation of Prince Zaman. Then, when she had worked up enough of a sweat to become scared of the wild animals that resided in the forest, she ran away into another realm situated on the other side.

This place was formerly part of King Aram and his realm’s territory. Because King Aram was aware that Princess Bedoura had been bewildered and could not find her path, he felt pity for her and decided to show her compassion. He granted her request that she be allowed to remain at the royal palace for an undetermined amount of time.

In the forest, Prince Zaman started looking for his most treasured princess. He was worried about her safety. After going here, there, and everywhere in between, he finally found himself in a beautiful garden. The prince was in such a state of exhaustion that he was unable to proceed with his trek. As a result, he decided to take some time to unwind in the garden.

It was observed that Prince Zaman was seated behind a tree. At that very instant, he became aware of two birds quarreling on top of the tree. The prince mused, “What are they attempting to pick out of each other’s beak?” Suddenly, the birds delivered something that had fallen from the sky to the prince, and it sparkled with a bright brilliance!

When Prince Zaman saw what was in front of him, he leaped to his feet and seized the shiny object. Then… his joy was without measure in any way whatsoever. He was holding the stone Princess Bedoura had misplaced, gleaming brightly in his hand. The prince was delighted and announced, “At last, I’ve found it!” The next instant, though, he felt a stab of disappointment as he focused on the fact that he had not been able to locate his princess yet. He was looking for her.

After then, only a brief amount of time passed. As part of his search for the princess, Prince Zaman made his way to King Aram’s land. There, he encountered King Aram. He discovered that the king and queen had brought a new princess into the palace a few days earlier to celebrate their new role as parents. The prince had thought to himself and said, “Who could say? It’s possible that my Bedoura is the one who will become the next princess.”

He pretended to be a merchant so that he might sneak a jar of honey into King Aram’s court undetected. He did this while pretending to be someone else. Afterward, he put the ruby inside the jar and told a guard to present the jar to the newly crowned princess as a gift. After that, he left.

When Princess Bedoura was given the honey jar, she demanded that one of her maids promptly drain the honey into a separate container as soon as it was brought to her attention. And much to her shock, she found her jewel hidden within the jar where it had been all along. “Oh, my garnet! Unfortunately, the bird was able to get a hold of it… How exactly did it get to the store where it was sold? She was unable to accept it as true.

The princess issued the command to summon the trader to the palace as quickly as possible. The speed with which the businessman arrived at the destination set a new standard. At that point, the prince could be recognized by the princess. She yelled in complete and absolute pleasure, “O prince, it is you!” The phrase “O princess, my princess!” was yelled by Prince Zaman to the royal lady. In addition, it had been a very long time since they had all been in the same room. As a direct result of his dogged efforts, Zaman could track down both the misplaced ruby and his lost princess.

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