The Selfish Giant: A Fairy Tale

Selfish Giant

The Selfish Giant | Podcast

Once upon a time, there was a giant who lived in a beautiful garden filled with colorful flowers and trees. The giant loved his garden very much, but he was also very selfish. He didn’t like to share his garden with anyone, especially not the children who would come to play there.

Every day, the giant would look out his window and see the children playing in his garden. He would get very angry and chase them away, telling them never to come back. The children were very sad because they loved playing in the giant’s garden. They didn’t understand why the giant was so mean to them.

One day, the giant woke up and looked out his window, but something was different. His garden was covered in snow and ice, and the trees and flowers were all dead. The giant realized that his selfishness had caused the garden to fall into perpetual winter. He felt very sad and guilty.

Just then, he heard the laughter of children outside. He went to the window and saw that they were playing in the snow outside his garden. He felt a pang of jealousy because he wanted to play in the snow too, but he knew that he had banished the children from his garden.

Suddenly, the giant had an idea. He went outside and saw that the children had built a snowman. He went over to them and asked them why they were playing outside of his garden. The children told him that they couldn’t play in his garden anymore because he had banished them.

The giant felt very sorry for what he had done. He told the children that he had learned his lesson and asked them to come back to his garden to play. The children were very happy and started running toward the garden.

As soon as they entered the garden, the snow started to melt, and the trees and flowers started to bloom again. The giant realized that his garden had been in perpetual winter because of his selfishness, but now that he had learned to share, the seasons would return.

The giant and the children played together in the garden every day, and they all lived happily ever after.

The moral of the story is that selfishness can lead to loneliness and unhappiness, but kindness and sharing can lead to happiness and friendship. By learning to share his garden with the children, the selfish giant discovered that the joy of giving and sharing is far greater than the joy of keeping things to oneself.

The story encourages children to be kind and generous to others, and to understand the importance of sharing and cooperation in building positive relationships.

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