The Boy Who Drew Cats

The Boy Who Drew Cats

Once upon a time, in a small village in Japan, there lived a boy named Taro. Taro loved to draw, and he would spend hours creating beautiful pictures with his brush and ink. However, his passion for art was not appreciated by his family, who thought he should be focusing on more practical things like farming or fishing.

One day, Taro’s parents decided to send him away to become an apprentice to a monk at a nearby temple. The temple was located at the top of a mountain, and Taro was excited to learn more about art from the wise monk.

When Taro arrived at the temple, he was given a small room to live in and was expected to work hard every day. However, Taro was not interested in the temple’s chores or in learning anything else except drawing. So, he would often skip his duties and instead draw cats on the walls of his room.

The other monks noticed Taro’s behavior and told the head monk, who scolded Taro and warned him to focus on his duties. However, Taro could not help himself, and he continued to draw cats on the walls of his room.

One night, as Taro was drawing a cat on his wall, he noticed that the cat’s eyes were following his brush. He continued to draw, and soon, the cat came to life and jumped off the wall, meowing and purring.

Taro was amazed and frightened by what had just happened, but he soon realized that the cat was friendly and did not pose any harm. He started to play with the cat, and they became fast friends.

The next morning, Taro woke up to find that the temple was overrun with rats. The monks had tried everything to get rid of them, but nothing seemed to work. Taro thought that his new friend, the cat, might be able to help, so he asked him to catch the rats.

The cat agreed and soon caught all the rats in the temple, saving it from the infestation. The other monks were amazed by Taro’s cat, and they realized that Taro’s passion for art had led to something useful for the temple.

From that day on, Taro was allowed to draw cats on the walls of his room, and the temple became known for its cat paintings. People would come from all over to see Taro’s beautiful artwork, and the temple became prosperous and famous.

Taro’s passion for art had brought joy and prosperity to the temple and helped him find his true calling. He continued to draw cats and other beautiful things, and his artwork became famous all over Japan.

The moral of the story is that everyone has a unique talent and passion that can bring joy and prosperity to themselves and others. We should follow our hearts and pursue our passions, no matter how unconventional they may seem, because our passions can lead us to unexpected and wonderful places.

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