The Honest Woodcutter Story


The Honest Woodcutter Story is an instructive story of a poor woodcutter who did not give up honesty, even in poverty. Because of his honesty, he even pleased God. This story teaches the importance of honesty and encourages one to always be honest in life.

The Honest Woodcutter Story :-

Once upon a time, there used to be four friends in a village, three of whom were enjoying life by stealing and robbing. But the fourth friend, whose name was Ramu, was very honest. He did not touch anything that did not belong to him. He always explained to his three friends that he should stop stealing, do some hard work, and be honest. Those three friends laughed at him and said that it is better to live the king’s life by stealing than living the life of a beggar like you by doing honest work.

Ramu felt very bad after hearing his words, and one day he left home in search of some good work and went to another village.

After searching for many days, he does not get any work, so he cries after sitting under a tree, hungry and thirsty.

Just then, an old lady was passing with a bag of apples. Suddenly, her bag gets ripped, and all the apples are scattered on the ground; Ramu immediately picks up all the apples and gives them to the older woman. Seeing Ramu, the old lady understands that he is starving. So that woman sits beside him and gives him an apple to eat. Ramu refuses to take the apple; the old lady says to eat it and return it whenever you have money.

Hearing this, Ramu, who was very hungry, ate all the apples. The old lady asks Ramu what work he does and where he lives. Hearing her words, Ramu starts crying, tells everything about himself, and says that he has come from another village searching for work, and he does not have a house to live in.

Hearing him, the woman asks him to stay with her at his house and says, “When you get some work, pay the rent of the house.”

Ramu says yes to his yes. At least now he had a home, and at least he could look for work after getting enough food.

Even after searching a lot, he gets disappointed when he does not get work. One day, the old lady explains that he should do some work when he is not getting a job. Ramu likes this, but he gets upset again and asks what career I should start. And I do not even have the capital to start the work.

The old lady looks around her house. She sees her husband’s ax, and she gives that ax to Raju and says that there is a great demand for wood in the nearby village. So he cuts the wood and sells it to another town.

Honest Ramu, who had been wandering in search of work till now, had become an honest woodcutter.

Raju started his work with a lot of hard work and honesty. He used to go out to chop wood in the morning, sell it late in the evening, and come home. In this way, Raju would earn 50 bucks a day, out of which he would give 30 bucks to the old woman as food and house rent and keep 20 bucks for himself.

This money was not enough, but somehow Raju was living his life. One day, Raju goes to cut a tree on the bank of the river. He sees a huge mango tree on the bank of the river, and Raju starts cutting it.

Due to running the ax for a long time, his hands start sweating, which is why the ax slips from his hands and falls into the river.

Seeing this, Raju became very sad, and he started crying. His only means of livelihood had gone out of his hands. Now thinking about what he will do, what he will eat, and how he will live, Raju starts crying even louder.

Hearing Raju cry like this, a god appears from the river and asks, “O man, why are you crying like this?” Raju tells them the whole story while crying and asks, “Who are you?” So they say, “I am the God of this river, and I can take your ax out of the river and give it to you.”

Hearing this, Raju stops crying. The river god takes a dip in the river, comes out with a silver ax, and says to Raju, “Raju, is this your ax?” Raju looks at the ax and says, “No God, my ax is of ordinary wood, and it is someone else’s ax.”

The God dips back into the river and this time comes out with a golden ax and asks Raju again, “Raju, is this your ax?” Raju looks at the ax and says, “No, God, this is also not my ax; it is someone else’s ax.”

God took a dip back in the river and, this time, came out with a shining diamond ax; Raju was unable to keep his eyes open in front of the ax’s brilliance. He then asks Raju again, “Raju, is this your ax?” Raju says back, “No God, it can’t be my ax.” I am a very poor woodcutter, and it looks like someone else’s ax. 

God takes a dip back into the river, and this time they come up with Raju’s ax. Seeing his ax, Raju starts shouting with joy and says, “Yes God, this is my ax.”

The Gods were pleased to see his honesty and told him that I was testing you, which you had passed. You are very honest; I am happy with you and am gifting you all four axes.

Ramu comes to the old woman with all four axes. After some time, Ramu becomes very rich by selling those axes. The stories of his wealth spread far and wide.

When his 3 thieving friends also know about this, they are pretty surprised. He meets Raju and asks him the secret of his wealth.

A simple Raju tells them the whole incident in detail; they are shocked to hear this and return after leaving Raju.

All three of them get greedy, and they too start planning to get the precious ax like Raju.

Similarly, after planning, all three of them reach the bank of the same river one day and start crying, deliberately throwing a wooden ax into the river.

The God of the river comes out of the river and asks why they are all crying. All three of them say together that their ax has fallen into the river. Their words make the river god suspicious, but they still go to the river, bring out the diamond ax, and ask, “Is this your ax?” The three of them shout together, “Yes, this is our ax!” Hearing them, God gets very angry, and he cuts off the hands of all three of them.

An Honest Woodcutter Story Moral: This story teaches us that an honest man always gets a reward, and a liar gets punished.

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