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The Elves and the Shoemaker story was first published by Brother Grimms in 1812, based on a German fairy tale. In 1935, a movie was also made of The Shoemaker and the Elves‘ story. There are many versions of the story of the shoemaker and the elves. However, today we will tell you about the most famous story, about a very poor but honest shoemaker who lives with his wife.

He does not even have money to eat food. But it is said that God sends help in some form or the other, in the same way, two elves came as helpers in his life. Then read the story given below to know what changed in the life of that shoemaker.

There once lived a shoemaker and his wife. They were very poor, but they were still always happy.

“Well, I have just enough leather for one more pair of shoes,” the husband grumbles.

His wife asked, “What will we do now?”

“Don’t worry, my dear; I’m sure something will happen, and we will not starve.” The husband consoles his wife.

I am tired now, so I will just cut out the leather. Tomorrow morning I will wake up early and make the shoes.

The shoemaker cut the leather and left it on his work table. He then went to bed. The shoemaker thought, “I am so tired; I hope I can wake up early, or the shoes won’t be ready.”

The next morning, the shoemaker went to complete the shoes as soon as he woke up, but when the shoemaker went to his work table, he was in for a big surprise.

What is this? How did the shoes get done?

He called his wife, “Hey wife, come here quickly.” The wife rushed in a hurry and asked, “What’s the matter? Are you okay?”

The shoemaker said, “Take a look at this; the shoes are ready.”

In a surprise, the wife asked, “What do you mean the shoes are ready? You told me last night that you would complete them this morning. “

The shoemaker replied, “I know, I don’t understand how they got done?”

In a surprise, the wife again asked, “Are you sure you didn’t make them yourself and just forget about it?”

The shoemaker replied, “You think I’m going crazy? I remember very well that I only cut the leather the night before. I don’t know what to say, but look how beautifully they have been stitched! Far better than I have ever done so myself.”

At the exact moment, a wealthy man enters the shop.

“Hey, are those shoes for sale?”

“Sure they are, sir.” The shoemaker replied.

“They look pretty good. Let me try them on me and see if they fit,” the wealthy man replied.

The man tried the shoes on, walked a few meters, and said, “Oh, they are a perfect fit and so comfortable to wear.” Keep this money and pack them up.”

The shoemaker looked at the money and then at the man in surprise.

Why are you looking at me? I’m thinking of giving you a fair price for those shoes. Pack them up fast. I’m in a hurry. 

Oh, sure, sir, I’ll pack them in a minute.

As soon as the man left, the shoemaker ran to his wife. Hey, wife, look at this? The wife was surprised to see that much money and asked, “That’s a neat sum of money. Where did you get it from?”

You won’t believe a man came into the shop and bought the shoes. He liked them so much that he didn’t even ask me how much they were for, and he just gave me the money and went away.

I’m off to the leather shop now, and I can buy enough leather to make two pairs of shoes. The happy shoemaker went to buy the leather to make two more pairs of shoes.

While returning home, he thought, “I better hurry back and start cutting leather; I have to cut it out for two pairs of shoes now.”

The shoemaker returned home and called out to his wife, “Look, my dear, I have bought such lovely leather, far better than the earlier one. I’m going to get started by getting two pairs of shoes ready.

“You’ve just come back; you must be tired. “Come have your dinner, and then start the cutting,” the wife replied.

The shoemaker and his wife sat down to have dinner.

You cooked a very delicious dinner tonight. I must say I’ve eaten so much I wonder how I will work now. The shoemaker said to his wife.

I think you should just cut the leather and finish making the shoes in the morning. Make an early start, and you should have them ready by the afternoon. The shoemaker did as his wife said; after cutting the leather, he kept it on the worktable as before and headed for bed.

What a pleasant surprise he got the next day when two pairs of perfectly sewn shoes were lying on the worktable.

He calls his wife, “Wife, come here and look at this. You still think I imagined things.”

She was surprised and confused and grumbled, “Such perfect shoes, but what is happening.”

Those people cannot talk much about this because it’s only then that someone comes to their shop and asks. “Hello, anyone there?”

Looking at that person, the shoemaker thinks, “Oh, it is the same gentleman who bought the shoes yesterday. I hope there is nothing wrong with the shoes he bought.”

The shoemaker let the man into his shop.

My friend has liked my shoes so much that he wants me to pick up a pair for him; I hope you have something ready.

Come in, come in, sir. I have two pairs ready. Please let me know if you like any of them. “Ahh, these are brilliant ones. I’ll take one for my friend and the other one for myself. I must say you’ve done an excellent job.” The person said this with joy.

The shoemaker and his wife were so happy that they danced with joy. That man has been very generous, and I now have enough money to buy leather for several pairs of shoes.

Every night, the shoemaker would cut the leather, and in the morning, there would be beautiful sounding smart shoes sitting on his work table. His shoes became so popular that people from far and wide came to buy them.

One day, the shoemaker said to his wife, “We have just enough leather to make one pair of shoes. Our shoes are selling faster than we can make them.”

The wife thought for a while and said, “Don’t you think we should try and find out how the shoes are being made every night?”

The shoemaker said, “Oh yes! Why didn’t I think about it? Someone is very kind to us, and I think we should know who it is. but how are we going to do that? “

The wife thought and got an idea and said, “Well, I have an idea. Tonight we will hide behind the curtain and wait to see what happens.”

“That is indeed a brilliant idea.” The shoemaker replied.

So that night, after cutting the leather for the shoes, the shoemaker and his wife hid and waited to see what would happen. Soon after midnight, they saw a fantastic sight; two little elves jumped in from the open window. After playing around for some time, they went to the table and sat down.

Their little nimble fingers went sew, sew, tap, click, click, with lightning speed, and soon the shoes were all ready and lined up. They then jumped out of the window and vanished in a jiffy.

Once they went away, the wife said, “Those little darlings have been making the shoes all these days. They are so tiny, but what a wonderful job they do.” I wonder who they are and where they came from?

The shoemaker said, “Forget about that; winter is setting in. Soon they will be feeling the cold. The wife replied, “Ah yes! It’s time we gave them a little gift for all they have done for us, but what can we do for them? ” After thinking for a long time, she got an idea, “I know what? I will make them tiny little shirts, pants, and even little coats, and you can make them cute little shoes. What do you think? “

Shoemaker shouted with joy, “That’s a wonderful idea. Let’s get about doing it.” And so, the shoemaker and his wife spent the entire day making the gifts for the elves.

The shoemaker’s wife made cute little coats, pants, and shirts. She even made little bow ties to go with the coats, and the shoemaker made the tiniest pairs of shoes for the little elves.

Once again that night, the shoemaker and his wife hid behind the curtains, and once again, after midnight, the little elves jumped in and went to the table to start making the shoes. When they saw the clothes and shoes waiting for them, they looked surprised and looked at each other. With a big whoop, they grabbed the clothes quickly and put them on.

How happy they were. They clapped, jumped excitedly, and danced on the table, singing silly songs. “We have new clothes; we have new clothes; oh, we are so happy with our fresh clothes. After a while, the elves jumped out of the window and vanished.

Once they went away, the shoemaker said to his wife, “I am so glad our little gift gave them so much pleasure.”

“Yes! Though the gift was very small for what they did for us, bless them, the little darlings. ” The wife replied to her husband.

The elves never returned from that day, but never again did the shoemaker and his wife ever have problems for as long as they lived.

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