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The Donkey in the Lion’s Skin

Once upon a time, there lived a donkey in a village. That poor donkey used to work all day, yet he did not get enough food to eat, and other animals also used to make fun of that donkey. In whichever field that donkey went to graze, the owner of that field would beat him and drive him away, and thus that donkey would always remain with an empty stomach.

One day, the donkey passed through the forest when he saw a dead lion carcass in the woods. At first, the donkey ignored the lion’s corpse, but suddenly an idea came to him.

He goes back to the lion’s corpse and takes off its skin, and now he starts walking in the forest wearing the lion’s skin. After this, whichever animal saw the donkey, mistaking it for a lion, ran away in fear. The donkey was very happy to see all this. The donkey went straight to the fields, seeing that all the farmers ran away in fear; that day, the donkey ate his stomach for the first time.

Now the donkey would enter someone’s field every day and eat his stomach full. One day, a fox saw a donkey wearing a lion’s skin. He told this to the animals of that village and the forest. All the animals then decided to reveal his truth. Together, they made a plan and collected all the donkeys from that village.

One day, when that donkey was entering a field and grazing, all the donkeys started heehawing together. Hearing their voice, that donkey also started heehawing. Hearing his voice, the farmers came to know that it was a donkey with the skin of a lion. Then, together, they beat the donkey to death with a stick.

The donkey was punished for fooling others.

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