The Clever Fox | Aesop Fables

The Clever Fox

Once upon a time, in a forest, a lion and a bear were hungry and wandering in search of prey.

Then suddenly, they see a deer, and the lion and the bear jump on the deer together.

After catching the deer, the eyes of the lion and the bear fall on their opponent. The lion tells the bear, “This is my prey; I have caught it; you go somewhere else and hunt.” After listening to him for a while, the bear gets angry and says, “If I have caught this deer, I will eat it.”

The lion also gets angry with the bear’s words and jumps on the bear in anger; the bear also starts fighting with the lion. One, they were already hungry, and both of them got tired soon and fell while fighting.

A fox watched the fight between the two silently behind the tree; when she saw that both of them had fallen tired, she quickly pounced on the deer and ran away with it.

The lion and the bear see the fox leaving; there is not enough strength left in his body to run away and chase the fox.

The lion said, “We should be ashamed; the fox took away the prey we were fighting for in front of our eyes.”

The truth is that in a quarrel between two people, the third person always benefits.

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