Glutton Wolf and Cleaver Fox kids story

Glutton Wolf and Cleaver Fox kids story

The wolf had the fox with him, and the fox had to do what the wolf wanted because he was the weakest, and the fox would have liked the master to get rid of him. “It happened that when the wolf said, “Red fox, get me something to eat, or I’ll eat you myself,”

They were both walking through the forest. The fox answered, “I know a farm where there are a few young lambs, if you feel like it, we’ll get one.” The wolf was completely fine with the statement, they went, and the fox stole the lamb, gave it to the wolf, and ran away.

The wolf ate it up then, but he was still hungry and wanted the other one, and went to pick it up himself. But because he did it so clumsily, the little lamb’s mother realized that and started crying and breathing awfully. So farmer found the wolf, and they hit him so severely that he limped and howled at the fox. “You gave me a nice lead,” he said, “I wanted to get the other lamb, the farmers caught me and beat me up.” The fox responded, “Why are you such a glutton?”

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The next day they went back to the field, the greedy wolf said again, “Red fox, get me something to eat, or I’ll eat you myself.” The fox answered, “I know a farmhouse, the woman is baking pancakes there tonight, we want to get some of it.”

They went around the house, searching and sniffing until he found where the bowl was, then pulled down six pancakes and took them to the wood. “There you have something to eat,” he said to him, and he went on his way. In a moment, the wolf swallowed the pancakes and said, “They taste like more,” and went over and ripped down the entire bowl so that it smashed into bits.

The woman came out with a loud noise, and when she saw the wolf, she called the people who rushed over and beat him, whatever it was and came out with two lame legs whining loudly to the fox in the forest. “He shouted, “The farmers caught me and tanned my skin.” But the fox replied, “Why are you such a glutton?”

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“On the third day, when they were outside together, and the wolf was only limping with difficulty, he said again, “Red fox, get me something to eat, or I’m going to eat you myself.” The fox answered, “I know a man who slaughtered, and we want to get the salted meat in a barrel in the cellar.” The wolf said, “But I want to go with you right away so that when I can’t leave, you can help me.”

There was an abundance of meat now, and the wolf walked straight to it and thought, “Until I stop, it’s time.” The fox, too, enjoyed it, looked around everywhere, but also fled to the hole they had come through and tried to see if his body was still narrow enough to fit through. The wolf said, “Dear fox, tell me, why are you running back and forth and jumping out and in?” – “I have to see if nobody comes,” the fox replied, “just don’t overeat.” Then the wolf said, “I will not go away until the barrel is empty.”

Meanwhile, the farmer came into the cellar, who had heard the noise of the fox jumping. When he saw him, the fox came out in one leap to the hole: the wolf tried to go, but he had eaten himself so fat that he couldn’t get through it anymore, and he got trapped.

Then, with a club, the farmer came and killed him. However, the fox ran into the woods and was happy he had gotten rid of the gluttonous old wolf.

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