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Golden Egg

The Story of the Golden Egg | Podcast

Overview of The Goose and the golden egg story – In this story, we will see how a poor farmer becomes rich because of a magical goose, but due to the greed of becoming rich soon, he becomes back as before.

Once upon a time, there was a poor farmer in a village; he did not even have his own farm, so he worked in the fields of the wealthiest landowner of that village, but the landlord was a very stingy man. He didn’t even give enough food to the people working here.

One day, when the farmer comes to his house after giving up, he feels starving; he calls his wife and asks what is made in the food today. Whatever is there, bring it soon; I am hungry.

The farmer’s wife says that there is not even a food grain. How do I cook? It looks like we will have to sleep hungry today. Hearing this, the farmer becomes very sad and starts crying loudly. That night, both the husband and wife went to bed hungry.

The next day, the farmer gets ready in the morning and tells his wife, “Today, I will not go to the fields.” Even after working with the landlord, we cannot eat enough food. From now on, I will go to the forest to gather wood there and sell it in the market. So that we will get some money and be able to eat at least a full stomach.

His wife nods her head, then the farmer asks his friend for an ax and goes to the forest to chop wood. Even after searching for a long time, he does not find any dry tree which he can cut. He starts crying while sitting under a tree.

His cry is heard by the sage sitting near the same tree, and after approaching him, he asks the reason for his crying; the farmer tells him all the things that happened to him. Hearing his words, the sage becomes sad, gives him a goose, and says that from today all his troubles will end.

The farmer does not understand why the sage has given him the goose. But still, he brings the goose home. He feels that the sage has given him this goose to eat so that he can feed his wife. After coming home, he narrates the whole thing to his wife and shows that goose to her. The wife says it is okay; let me prepare to cook the goose. Until then, you tie this goose out.

The farmer does the same and ties the goose outside the house; after some time, his wife says, “Go and bring the goose; now I’m ready to cook it.” The farmer goes out to get the goose. Suddenly, he shouts loudly to his wife and says, “Come here, see what is this?”

The farmer’s wife hurriedly sees the goose laying a bright yellow egg. They are surprised to know that it is pretty heavy when she lifts the egg and feels it. The farmer’s wife says that you try to sell this egg in the market and find out what it is. The farmer immediately gets ready to go to the market, and he takes the egg and goes out to sell it in the market.

The farmer takes the egg, goes to the vegetable seller’s shop, and asks if he can give him some vegetables in exchange for this egg. The vegetable seller says, “This egg is of no use to me, and you will have to buy vegetables only by paying money.” This egg also looks rotten; I cannot give you vegetables instead.

The farmer then proceeds further and reaches a grocery store. He says to the grocer, “Can he give some food and drink in exchange for this egg?”

The grocer also gives him the same answer as the vegetable seller and says he should try to sell the egg to someone else; this egg is of no use to him.

After listening to all of them, the farmer becomes very sad, and he feels that the egg is of no use to him. He is about to throw the egg when someone tells him, “What are you doing?” I think the egg is made of gold. You can try to sell it at a goldsmith’s shop; you will get an excellent price there.

The farmer is quite surprised to hear the man, but to know the truth about the egg, he wants to go to the goldsmith’s shop and find out the price of the egg.

The farmer goes to a goldsmith’s shop and shows the egg to the goldsmith. The goldsmith was very surprised to see the egg and asked where it came from. It is entirely made of gold, and its price is very high. The farmer tells him that the egg had been given to him by a sage.

The goldsmith gives a lot of money to the farmer. When he comes home and tells his wife this, she starts dancing happily. The farmer now had a lot of food and drink and had brought new clothes; he had no shortage of anything.

The farmer and his wife abandoned the decision to kill the goose, and they slept after eating the things brought from the market.

When the farmer woke up on the second day, he saw that the goose had laid a golden egg again. The farmer and his wife become very happy to see this, and the farmer goes back and sells the egg to the goldsmith.

In this way, that farmer becomes the wealthiest person in that village in a few days; he now has a big house, many vehicles, and servants. The farmer now also buys a lot of land of his own. Farmer and his wife are living their lives happily.

Now greed is starting to creep into the mind of the farmer’s wife. One day, she speaks to the farmer. Can it happen that we can tear the goose’s stomach and take out all the eggs in one go and become the wealthiest person in the world?

The farmer explains to his wife that we should be happy with what we have because of more greed; whatever we have will also disappear.

His wife does not understand the point of the farmer. She always thinks that she will get all the eggs at once by tearing the goose’s stomach.

One day, the farmer went out of the village for some work; seeing the opportunity, the farmer’s wife killed the goose and tore its stomach. She was shocked after tearing the stomach because there was no egg in the goose’s stomach. Then the farmer comes back and sees that his wife has killed the  Goose and is now sitting and crying.

The farmer understands the matter as soon as he sees it; he says to his wife, “I always used to tell you that we should not be greedy, but now nothing can happen. Now whatever is left, we have to live our life with that.”

Moral of the Goose that Laid Golden Egg Story is – We should never be greedy because, in greed, a person harms himself.

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