Bull and Donkey: Arabian Nights Story

Bull and Donkey

A long time ago, there was a farmer who lived in a village in the middle of the countryside. He had a bull and a donkey. The farmer used to plow the fields with the bull, and help with other tasks related to farming. Once the harvest was ready, the donkey had to carry the crop on his back and take it to the market for sale.

The farmer was once blessed with a boon by a sage that he would be able to understand the language of animals. As a result, he would be able to understand what the animals were saying. One day, the bull and the donkey were eating fodder in the backyard of the house. Then the farmer passed by. He heard the donkey talking to the bull in a hoarse voice. So, he hid behind a tree and listened to their conversation.

The Ass says to the ox, “Ox brother, you work very hard, I feel terrible seeing you.” Look at me! It takes me just a few minutes to carry a small load, go to the market, and enjoy my meal for the remain of the day. You work in the fields all day, and still get the same food.”

The bull listens to the donkey and replies “That’s true, friend. But what can I do?” As soon as he said this, the bull took a deep breath.

“If you want to enjoy life as well, then pretend to be ill. When you see the master, pretend to groan, and in the morning, don’t get up at all,” replied the donkey.

The farmer understood everything after listening to both of them, but he remained silent. The next morning, as usual, the farmer came to take the bull to the fields.

“Ah… I can’t even move my legs,” groaned the bull. The farmer knew their plan, as he had already heard them, yet he remained calm and said, “Okay bull. You look sick. Take a rest today. Instead of you, I’ll take the donkey with me to the field.” And then he took the donkey with him to work in the fields.

On that day the donkey had to plow the field, carry heavy loads and do all that the bull used to do every day. When he reached home in the evening, he was completely exhausted. The bull is happy to see the donkey and starts cheering and says, “Thank you, friend. You gave me a very valuable suggestion. Once again, I will pretend to be ill and rest.”

Hearing the bull, the donkey immediately says “No, no…” “Don’t even think of doing this again. The farmer was very angry with you today. He is thinking of selling you to a butcher if you remain ill. Better. You will get up early and get ready to go to the field. We should not reduce our work anymore, and whatever work we get, we should do it wholeheartedly.”

When the farmer heard the donkey saying this to the bull, he started smiling in his heart. He knew that the donkey had learned his lesson, and now he would never ask the bull to do errands.

Moral of the Story: We should always “Mind our own business,” or else we can get into trouble at any time.

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