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The suffering of Christ | Bible Story


The suffering of Christ | Bible Story

The suffering of Christ

Pilate had tried and failed to save Jesus. The crowd told him that they only believed Caesar was their king, not Jesus. In response, Pilate called for water and washed his hands, saying, “I am innocent of the death of this just man.” Do what you think is right. He released Barabbas and handed him over to the crowd of soldiers and the elders.

They tore off Jesus’ robe and put a richly colored purple cloak on him. They made a crown of thorns and pushed it down on his head. They gave him a rod in his hand as though he was carrying a king’s sceptre.

Look! “Here is the King of the Jews!” they mocked. “He wears a robe and a crown and carries a sceptre!”

They beat him with their hands and sticks and spat on him, mocking him all the time. Then they tore off the purple robe and gave him a white robe to wear. Then they brought a heavy wooden cross on which they would crucify him and forced him to carry it through the streets, jeering at him all the time.

They compelled a man named Simon of Cyrene, standing on the roadside, to help him carry the heavy cross. Some of the people mocked him by kneeling in front of him, and saying, “Hail the King of the Jews!” But a large crowd of men, women, and children also believed in Jesus and followed him, weeping. And Jesus, even while he was suffering, had so much compassion that he asked them not to weep for him.

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