The Ascension | Bible Story

The Ascension

The disciples found that what Jesus had said was true. Peter had always felt guilty about denying that he knew Jesus when he was put to death. But one night, when he, James, John, and some others were fishing unsuccessfully, a man on the shore asked him to cast his net on the other side. Peter obeyed him and got a large haul of fish.

“It is the Lord!” John shouted, and Peter waded into the water. He saw Jesus waiting with bread to share with the fish. When they had eaten, Jesus asked Peter, “Do you love me more than these others?”

“You know I do, Lord,” replied Peter humbly. “Feed my lambs,” said Jesus and asked him the same question a second and a third time. And again, Peter gave the same reply. And then Peter knew that Jesus had forgiven him!

“Remain in Jerusalem until you obtain the power from heaven to do God’s work,” Jesus told his disciples. After that, his work on earth was complete, and he was prepared to leave. He took them to Bethany.

There he raised his hands to bless them, and, as he raised them, he was parted from them and ascended to heaven. He sat at the right hand of God in heaven.

The disciples knelt in worship and felt blessed. They returned joyously to Jerusalem. They stayed there and walked every day to the temple, where they praised Jesus Christ and blessed God for all that had been given to them.

Then, when the time was right, they left Jerusalem to spread the word of Jesus worldwide. And the Lord walked with them, for Jesus had said he would always be with them till the end of the world.

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