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Proud Peacock

The Proud Peacock | Podcast

Once upon a time, there was a forest teeming with wildlife and birds. One day, the weather was exceptionally pleasant, with a gentle breeze blowing and the promise of rain. A peacock was dancing in the rain with joy because of the weather. While he was dancing, he caught sight of a crane flying overhead. Unable to resist poking fun at the crane’s plain appearance, the peacock said, “Look at me, with all my colourful feathers, and then look at you, so plain and dry.”

The crane responded, “It’s true that I may lack your flamboyance, but I can soar so high that I can speak with the stars. Meanwhile, you can only strut around on the ground like an ordinary bird. The peacock came to realise that he had made a mistake by ridiculing the crane.

The moral of the story is that it’s unwise to judge or make fun of others based on their appearance, as everyone has their own unique qualities and abilities. Being beautiful on the outside is not enough, as one’s inner qualities and abilities are equally important. It’s important to respect and appreciate the differences in others and not look down on them just because they may appear different or lack certain qualities.

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