Mary Visits Elizabeth | Bible Story

Mary -Visits-Elizabeth
Mary Visits Elizabeth

Mary visited Elizabeth at her house in Judaea as soon as she could. As she entered Elizabeth’s house and greeted her, Elizabeth felt her baby moving within her. She thought that she was touched by the Holy Spirit. 

Elizabeth praised Mary for being the most blessed amongst women because she believed in God’s word and would see it be fulfilled in reality. She told her how her baby had responded inside her, hearing Mary’s voice!

Mary was so happy that she sang the praises of the Lord:

My soul encompasses the vision of God! 

He is my Saviour in whom I rejoice!

I am the servant, blessed for generations, 

The one on whom fell His choice! 

A wonderful thing He did for me; 

May His Name always be Holy! 

For those who obey His love, He shows,

And those too proud He destroys with His arm;

He raised the humble and lowly to grace,

The princes from thrones He brings to harm; 

Food to the starving, the rich bags now empty; 

His promise was fulfilled to the people He chose, 

Brings to all of Israel His mercy,

As he promised Abraham and others before!

Elizabeth was delighted to have Mary there. She stayed for three months before returning to Nazareth.

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