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Foolish Monkey

A long time ago, there lived two monkeys named Golu and Bholu in a faraway place. Both considered themselves very intelligent and were very proud of their intelligence. One day, they were going somewhere when they saw a well away. They peeped inside it and saw a crocodile fall into the well. Golu said, “He must be in trouble; we must save him.”

Bholu also said, “An innocent creature has fallen into the well; we must help him immediately.” But I don’t understand how he fell into the well.

Golu responded, “He must have fallen by mistake.” Now we should think of some way to save him.

Like this, Golu and Bholu started thinking of a way out to save him. Just then, Golu came up with the idea that they should throw a piece of wood into the well so that the crocodile could come out of it by itself. 

I think my idea is right. I’ll pick up a piece of wood and throw it into the well. Bholu said, your idea is of no use. That helpless crocodile cannot come out of it with the help of that wood. 

Golu responds with anger: “Are you smarter than me?” Now see, as soon as I throw wood into the well, he will come out. Both were arguing when an elephant reached there and asked Golu and Bholu, “What are you doing here?” 

Golu said I am thinking of taking out the crocodile that has fallen in the well. Then the Elephant said, “The crocodile has not fallen into the well, but he has been thrown into the well.” He has been punished for his evil deeds. He has committed a lot of cruelty in the forest, due to which he has been thrown into the well. 

Golu and Bholu respond together; I’m afraid I have to disagree with this. You guys cannot put someone in the well as a punishment for their bad deeds. I can’t see a crocodile dying like this. I must protect a needy living being.  

The Elephant replied, “The crocodile was not thrown into the well to kill him; this is his punishment.”

In this way, Golu and Bholu listened to the Elephant. Still, both of them argued to make themselves look more intelligent and objected to the punishment of putting the crocodile in the well. 

The Elephant warns them while leaving there. Whatever you think, it is not going to change my perception. Whatever step you take, take it carefully. 

Golu puts the wood in the well, but with its help, the crocodile cannot come out of the well. 

While watching this, Bholu screamed, “Hey, I already knew it.” He can’t come out of it with the help of wood. That’s why I have brought this rope. I’ll take him out of the well. Bholu thinks of getting into the well. 

Just then, a goat comes along and says to Golu and Bholu, Why are you people trying to save the crocodile? He had eaten my children. He has created terror in the forest. 

That’s why we imprisoned him in the well. If you save him, he will again create trouble in the forest. 

Both the monkeys said, “We are smart enough; you don’t need to explain to us much.” You can’t put somebody in the well like this. 

The Goat gets upset and leaves—but she can’t control herself and comes back after a while and tries to convince Golu and Bholu, thinking they might change their mind to get the crocodile out of the well. 

Don’t try to save the crocodile. Let him serve his sentence. The Goat said.

Now she’s troubling us. She won’t understand this. Wait. Bholu goes near the Goat and puts a tight slap on her face. 

The Goat says, “You should not do this; you are making a mistake.” But Bholu goes inside the well, ties the crocodile with the rope, and then comes out and starts pulling the rope. 

Both apply force together, due to which the crocodile comes out of the well. Golu and Bholu are very happy about successfully getting the crocodile out of the well. Then both of them start arguing over who saved the crocodile. Golu said, “He’s out because I have put the wooden piece in the well.”

Bholu replied, “I have tied a rope; that is why he’s out.” Because of their smartness, this crocodile is out. They both started convincing each other that they were busy arguing. Meanwhile, the crocodile took the opportunity and attacked them, grabbed Golu, and swallowed him. 

Seeing this, Bholu started running. I have saved his life, and now he wants to kill me. I think he lost his mind while in the well for a long time. After going some distance ahead, Bholu sees a guava tree, and he climbs that tree. The crocodile sits beneath that tree. 

It seems the crocodile has no plans to go anywhere from here. He’s not even moving. The Bholu somehow manages to eat the guavas from the tree. I am enjoying sweet and tasty guavas here, and this foolish crocodile is lying, hungry, and thirsty. If he stays like this, he will die of hunger one day, and I will leave here in peace as these few days pass. 

I think he’s dead. I don’t think any energy is left in his body, but let me confirm it. Bholu plucks guava and throws it at the crocodile, but he doesn’t budge. Then he broke a twig and hit him, but he still didn’t move. 

Now he’s dead. After all, who can survive for so many days without eating and drinking? 

But before I get down, I need to test whether he is still alive or dead. But how should I execute it? Just then, a crow comes to the tree. 

Hey, Crow, I need your help. What help do you think I can provide? A crocodile is sitting below. I want to know whether he is still alive or dead. So, you sit on top of him and hit him with your beak. 

According to Bholu, the crow sits on the top of the crocodile and taps on him with his beak. Hey, brother, I picked so hard on him. Still, he’s not reacting. It means he is no more.  

Bholu comes down from the tree and starts leaving carelessly. Just then, the crocodile starts chasing him. Hey, he is alive again. Someone, please save me. Save me…

After chasing him for some distance, the crocodile finally catches him. Bholu begged, Hey, I have saved your life. Leave me. Leave me. 

In this way, the crocodile swallows Bholu and goes away. 

So, friends, this story teaches us that we should not show our intelligence everywhere. We should also listen to others. 

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