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King Yunan and Sage Budin: Arabian Nights


King Yunan and Sage Budin: Arabian Nights

King Yunan and Sage Budin

It is a story from the Arabian Nights about King Yunan and Sage Budin. Yunan is the one who believes in everything, and he sentences Sage Budin to death. The king humiliated Budin, but he escapes the death penalty and takes terrible revenge.

Once upon a time, there was a prosperous and beautiful kingdom known as Rome. There was a king named Yunan who ruled there. Despite having all the luxuries that were available to him, the king was not happy because he was suffering from leprosy at the time. The king had been treated by many physicians and learned men, but they were unable to cure him. Slowly but surely, the king’s condition was deteriorating.

In the course of time, a sage named Budin entered the kingdom and began to teach the people. There was a belief that he was a gifted healer. The moment he heard of King Yunan’s illness, he decided to meet him as soon as possible.

The following day, Sage Budin travelled to the palace and examined the king for the first time. In the words of the great sage, “This disease comes from a faraway land, but do not worry, O King, you will be cured,” the great sage assured the king. As soon as he heard this, the king was overwhelmed with emotion. I will reward you with wealth if you are able to cure my disease,” said the king.

Sage Budin took out a small conical vessel from his bag. It contained colorful oil. He poured out the oil into a small bowl and mixed some water in it. An amazingly bright solution appeared. In response to the Sage’s instructions, you should rub this solution gently on the infected parts of your body. The king did so.

The Sage asked him to take a bath. The king was surprised to find that he had been completely cleansed after taking a bath. “I am cured, I am cured!” the king cried with joy. He was extremely pleased with the Sage. As he had promised, he handsomely rewarded the sage with lavish gifts. Sage Budin was declared the chief physician of the royal palace.

As a result, the wazir of the king’s court began to be jealous of the sage. “Day by day this sage is gaining more and more importance. It wouldn’t be a wonder if one day he may take my place,” thought the wazir. So, he began plotting against the sage.

One day, the wazir walked up to the king and said, “Your majesty, this sage is a spy sent by another king. He has cured you to get closer to you. Then he will overpower you and take over your kingdom.” This gave rise to some doubts in the king’s mind. The wazir continued to poison his mind. At last, the king got convinced that the sage was a spy.

So, the king ordered the sage to be beheaded the next day. The king said, “Let the entire court watch what happens because all should know what punishment will be imposed on those who dare to betray the king,” said the king. As soon as the sage heard about this, he immediately rushed to the king and said, “By giving me such a severe punishment, you are doing me an injustice, my lord! It is cruel enough to punish the person who saved your life by curing you.” But the king remained unmoved.

Seeing the king’s behaviour, the sage said in a low voice, “Okay, King, if that’s what you want, I’m ready to die happily for you. I just have one last wish. You read a book I’ve given you, after reading that book you will become the most intelligent and knowledgeable man in this world.”

The king became curious and agreed to read the book. As he opened the first page of the book, he found that there was nothing written on it. When he turned over the second page, he found that it was also blank. In a hurry, the king turned over the third page of the book. It was then followed by a fourth… and a fifth… However, all the pages of the book were blank. The king looked confused and when he turned back, the sage was not there!

Suddenly, the king felt something seeping inside his skin. The wise sage had poisoned the book. And now the poison had entered the king’s body. Before the king could do anything, the poison raced through his veins. As a result, he felt a stinging pain all over his body and eventually fell unconscious, and he was never able to get up again. The sage had punished the king for his ungratefulness.

Moral of the Story: Ungrateful people always suffer.

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