Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

A man named Ali Baba worked as a woodcutter in the distant past. He had very little money. Ali Baba was cutting wood by the side of a mountain when he suddenly became aware of the sound of hooves approaching. Ali Baba was so curious that he decided to climb a tree.

When he got to that spot, he observed forty soldiers riding horses in the direction of the mountain. Masks were worn by them. Ali Baba mused, “Hmm, these must be robbers,” when he saw the people. The criminals halted their pursuit directly in front of the peak. After dismounting from the horse, their chieftain walked up to a massive rock that was located at the base of the mountain. Then, while reaching his hands out in front of him, he said, “OPEN SESAME!”

And with a grating sound, the rock gradually shifted to one side, and suddenly there was a path through the mountain. Ali Baba was surprised to see that it was a cave. The forty robbers dismounted their horses and walked away. Inside the cave, they dragged some large loads behind them on their backs. After they were all inside, the granite door shut with the same force as before. Ali Baba watched with frazzled anxiety as the event unfolded.

After a while, the boulder started to slide back the other way, and forty robbers emerged from behind it. They traveled pretty quickly, and as they did so, the horses churned up a cloud of dust. Now, Ali Baba got down from the tree and made his way up to the rock in a systematic manner. He widened his hands and yelled, “OPEN SESAME!” as he did so. And much to his astonishment, the granite door was indeed open! Ali Baba walked inside. It was a rock door, and it shut behind him.

Ali Baba discovered the marvel of his life deep within the cave where he was hiding. Diamonds and rubies glinted here and there, along with other precious stones and jewelry. Gold and silver coins gleamed all around. Precious gems and jewels glistened in all their splendor. Ali Baba was astonished to witness such an abundance of money. He didn’t waste any time and dashed back to his house after stuffing a sack to the brim with as much as he could carry.

When Ali Baba returned to his house, he showed his wife the riches and remarked, “Dear one, our difficult times are behind us. We’ll no longer be poor.” His wife replied, “Of course,” as she weighed the money, “Let us weigh the gold.” After that, she went to borrow scales from Cassim, who was Ali Baba’s wealthy brother. There was reason to be suspicious of Cassim’s wife.

“Why would someone in their financial situation want scales?” She was thinking of how much each of them would be. As a result, she applied adhesive to the internal base of the scale. While they were weighing the coins, Ali Baba’s wife brought the scale, and while they were doing so, a gold coin became lodged at the base of the scale. Ali Baba’s wife, who was unaware of this detail, rebalanced the weight in favor of Cassim’s wife.

The sight of the gold coin alarmed Cassim’s wife, and she reacted with surprise. She hurried up to Cassim and informed him about the situation. The son Cassim was a terrible person who was also greedy. Ali Baba was the one who divulged the information to him. The following morning, Cassim made a beeline for the cave. The words “OPEN SESAME!” came out of his mouth as he stood in front of the cave. The rock door slipped open. And there he was… surrounded by an enormous amount of wealth.

Cassim watched as the rock door slammed shut behind him. All of these are now mine to keep. “He gave hearty applause. He hastened forward to place the treasures in the large sack he was carrying. After he had stuffed his sack to capacity, he hauled it to the cave entrance. “OPEN KAZAM!” was the command that he yelled out. But lo! There was no movement at all in the rock. “OPEN SAJANE!” shouted Cassim. However, the rock did not move an inch.

As a result of Cassim’s excitement, he neglected to write down the password necessary to open the rock door. He was unable to escape once he was inside the cave. He used a lot of effort in an attempt to remember the password but to no avail. The thieves came back after some time had passed. As soon as they entered the cave, they saw Cassim standing there with a bag on his back containing several expensive items. “Oh… an intruder! Grab him by the scruff of the neck! “said the chieftain in command.

And Cassim was executed right then and there without any delay. ” His wife became concerned when he did not return home until late in the evening, and she turned to Ali Baba for assistance. Ali Baba made a beeline towards the cave. By that time, the forty thieves had already fled. Ali Baba discovered the body of Cassim within the cave, with the head and torso hanging independently from one another! He said, “Alas, you should not have been so greedy, my brother!” as he sobbed bitterly for his unfortunate sibling and cried for his brother.

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