How to Draw A Cricket Bat and Ball – Step by Step

How to Draw A Cricket Bat and Ball

Have you ever wanted to draw cricket bats and balls but just couldn’t figure out how? Well, here’s a step-by-step guide to drawing cricket bats and balls so you can finally master your craft!

Here’s a list of step-by-step instructions to follow:

  1. Start With a Simple Oval Shape for the Ball

Drawing a simple oval shape for the ball will give you a starting point for creating the bat shape. Use a pencil to sketch the basic outline of a round shape for the ball.

  1. Add Details to Create the Actual Baseball

Now you’ll add details to complete the actual baseball shape. To make sure that you’re getting all the right angles, measure the distance between the center of the ball and the corners of the rectangle. Multiply that measurement by 3/8ths to find the length of the sides of the baseball.

Now divide that number by 2 (the width of the base), and multiply that result times 8 (to find the height of the baseball). Add 1/16th to both numbers to find the radius of the baseball. Finally, subtract 1/16th again to find the diameter of the circle. These measurements will help you to recreate the correct proportions when you draw the final baseball.

  1. Add the Sticks to Complete the Sketch

Once you’ve drawn the baseball, you’ll now add the sticks to complete the design. Use a compass to draw lines radiating outward from the middle of the oval shape to form the stumps. When you’re done, you’ll have created a simple cricket bat.

  1. Finish Off the Design with Some Final Touches

You can finish off the drawing by adding some shading around the edges of the bat and the ball. Once you’re happy with your design, print it out onto tracing paper. Trace over the original design, making adjustments as needed until you have recreated the exact pattern from the drawing.

  1. Cut Out the Shapes Using a Craft Knife

Use a craft knife to cut out the shapes. For the bat, cut along the outside edge of the tracing paper, being careful to leave the line intact. For the ball, carefully slice away the excess paper along the outer edge of the bat.

  1. Ink Up the Pencil Lines and Colorize the Drawing

After cutting out the shapes, ink up the pencil lines and colorize the drawing. To colorize the drawing, first cover up the pencil line on the back side of the tracing paper. Next, fill in the entire area with crayon. Once you’ve colored in the entire drawing, peel off the backing sheet and stick it onto a piece of white construction paper.

  1. Paint Over Any Areas Left Blank

Paint over any areas left blank on the painting. Use acrylic paint to fill in the gaps. Use only light colors—no dark blue or black. As soon as the paint dries, apply another coat of paint. Let dry completely before moving on to the next step.

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