History Hatim Al-Tai Kids Story

Kids, today we are going to tell you the story of the most Noble and Generous man of the history of Arabia, the Hatim-al-Tai.
Long time ago, in ancient Arabia, there lived a noble and generous tribal ruler named Hatim Tai.

He was the head of numerous tents in which the tribal people used to live, because in those days the tribes of Arabia roamed the pastures with their flocks and many of them were the ones who asked for Hatim Tai’s protection. Their lands and wealth were immense.

Now, as the number of tribes under the rule of Hatim Tai was increasing, the King of Arabia began to feel jealous of his reputation as a great tribal leader.

King said -“How dare this Hatim Tai claim to be a leader of so many tribes?” – Everyone talks like he’s even more powerful than me! His kindness, his generosity, his equity seems like his living moral and his power of leadership. 

I’m tired of hearing about you. I find it little betrayal on your way of controlling my people and gathering them around you.

Vaizer said, “Certainly it is, O King, who was somewhat of a hypocrite. – Your Majesty is right as always. Should the order be given for him to be beheaded?
King said, “No, no,” – He must die in battle.

Tell our army chief that against Hatim Tai’s tents, as soon as it is possible, to gather all the soldiers in my kingdom. We will soon see who is the most powerful, whether Hatim Tai or me.

Now, the preparations had been underway for a few days, with the troops concentrating on the battle, when this news reached Hatim Tai.

One morning, when he was having a cup of coffee outside his tent, a member of his tribes pulled out his cloak and exclaimed,
“The King of All Arabia, jealous of your power in the country, declared attack on your tents, oh, Hatim Tai! Inform the tribesmen about this and be prepared for the attack from the King!”

Hatim said, “If the King of Arabia hates me, this has nothing to do with the members of my tribes. Why should they lose their lives, causing their wifes to get widowed and suffer, just because one man is feeling jealous by another?

I will leave this pasture and hide in the hills until the situation changes.
The King will end up forgetting me, and maybe one day I can return to you all.”
The elders of all the tribes said, “We must set up our camps today and we will also travel to another pasture, because if Hatim Tai does not want us to fight, we will not do so.”

Then, while the women and children packed up the kitchen utensils and cloths, the men took off all the tents of all the tribes. They signaled the camels and herds to the desert, looking for a place to camp for all the members.

When the King heard that Hatim Tai had fled and his tribes had dispersed, the King of Arabia was furious and said,
“What a coward this famous and generous Hatim Tai must be!
As soon as he heard that my army was ready to attack on his tribal’s tents, he ran like a desert rat, showing what a weak man he really is. Now his tribal people will be able to realize that how much their leader is really worth.”

Vaizer said, ”O Great King of Arabia, please give me the permission of sending our soldiers in all directions in search of Hatim Tai, for his betrayal remains an offense which deserves a punishment. And I’ll also make sure that a reward is offered for Hatim Tai’s head, as he is an enemy of Your Majesty and deserves to have a dishonored death.

King said, “Great! Make an announcement in the markets and in every corner of the city, in all places where people gather, that, a thousand pieces of gold will be rewarded to the man who brings Hatim Tai to the judge.
And because of which all of Hatim Tai’s wealth was confiscated.

There were many people in the country who knew where Hatim Tai was hiding, but none reported it to the soldiers who were looking for him. For almost everyone Hatim Tai was a legend, and he remains free for a long time to come. Secretly, the people sent him food and clothes to his hiding place in the mountains, and so he did not die of hunger.

In that desert region, an old man and his wife lived to collect firewood and to make charcoal out of it. One day they came close to the place where Hatim Tai was also gathering some branches for his fire. Hearing them talking, he hid behind a rock.

The old woman as she bent down to pick up a branch, said, “If, by God’s mercy, we could only find Hatim Tai, wouldn’t it be wonderful? That way we could go to the king and receive the thousand pieces of gold”

Silence woman! Never say such a thing, even if you get to live a hundred years. How could we deliver Hatim Tai to the king?

Not even twenty thousand pieces of gold would be enough for us to do such a bad thing! It is our destiny to be coal miners, and Allah will not abandon us if we remain on the straight path.

Grumbling a little, the old woman bowed again to pick the wood, and at that moment Hatim Tai came out from behind the rocks, saying:

“God heard you today. I am Hatim Tai. Please take me to the king and you will become rich with the thousand pieces of gold.”

The old man said crying, “Oh, no, generous Hatim Tai. Never think of this for us, as it was just an evil thought that Ibis the Wicked put in my wife’s mind. Sell ​​yourself to your enemy only for some gold? May Allah be my judge. I will never be the cause of your death in this way.

Hatim Tai then replied: Come on, take me, because if my life can benefit you and your wife, bringing stability to the rest of your days, I will be very happy. What use am I to anyone living here, in these caves like a cornered animal?

But as the old man protested, a small group of soldiers silently arrived and listened to this conversation.

They heard Hatim Tai and saw who he was. Before he could understand what was happening, the soldiers grabbed him and took him to the King’s Palace. The poor man and his wife followed them without knowing what to say.

The King appeared in the courtyard, and seeing the large crowd that had gathered there, he asked the vizier:
What is happening? Why there is all such noise and shooting?

Vaizer said, “Your Majesty, they found the man, Hatim Tai, and finally brought him in front of the judge.

King asked, “Who found him? And where?

At that moment all the soldiers began to shout, each claiming the feat for themselves, until the king raised his hand making them shut up, saying:

“It is not possible for all of you to win those thousand gold pieces. Only one must have found him, and to that person only I will give the reward.”

Hatim Tai then spoke, “O King of Arabia, this old coalman and his wife found me in the jungle. Give them the thousand pieces of gold, because their need is much greater than that of these soldiers, who just brought me here.”

The old man exclaimed, “Your Majesty, I beg you, please listen to the truth. It was Hatim Tai himself who came to us and told us to take him to you, so that we could receive the reward of these thousand pieces of gold. He heard my wife saying, while we were collecting woods, that the thousand pieces of gold would not allow us to live in abundance for the rest of our days. While we were protesting, your soldiers came and captured Hatim Tai, as he had neglected to watch over his own security.”

Upon hearing this story, the King of Arabia’s heart was touched, and he realized that Hatim Tai was really as generous as the legend said. He was embarrassed and ordered his soldiers to release Hatim Tai’s from the chains.

The King said, “Let him go in peace, and return to the tents of his people, for without a shadow of a doubt it has been proven that Hatim Tai is the most noble and generous of all the men who live in our kingdom.”

Hatim Tai stood in front of the King for an instant, and then he thanked Allah for his mercy that day. The king ordered a thousand gold pieces to be given to the old couple and returned to Hatim Tai all his wealth.

When the news, that their chief, Hatim Tai was free and coming to the tribes, a large number of people returned to accompany him to his new territory. And the King of Arabia left Hatim Tai and his people free forever.

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