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Sick Lion and the Clever Fox

Sick Lion and the Clever Fox | Podcast

Once upon a time, there was a forest, and there was a lion named Sheru living in the forest. When Sheru was young, he would kill his prey whenever he was hungry. However, after a few years, Sheru had grown old, and he could no longer kill his prey. So he started starving.

One day he thought to himself, “Oh, I have suffered so much that I cannot kill my prey.” “What can I do now?” “What should I do to get my food?”

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He had an epiphany and decided to use cunning and lying. Therefore, Sheru would pretend to be ill and sit in front of his cave, telling every animal that he was sick. He would also tell them that they should come and visit him and inquire about his health.

The lion put a wicked plan into practice, and animals began visiting the sheru. He welcomed all of them and thanked them for coming. Initially, he would tell the animals, “Oh, thank you, my friend,” that you came to ask about my well-being, but I am so sick and old that I cannot even lift my paw. Can you help me? “Please go inside the cave and bring my medicine.”

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Then Sheru enters inside and kills that animal, and he will eat that animal as his food.

Again, the next day, he would do the same thing: come out, sit in front of his cave, and wait for the next animal. Day by day, every animal that visited this lion started disappearing from the forest.

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There was a clever fox called Foxy. Foxy realised that his friends who paid a visit to the lion never came back, so he thought to himself, “What is this lion doing?” “I must see it, and I should understand the matter.” 

As usual, Sheru was waiting for his next prey. Suddenly he saw Foxy, so he invited him over and said, “Oh dear, it’s so kind of you, you came to see me.” “Oh, I’m so sick; can you do me a favor?” Foxy replied to him, “Yes, Mr. Sheru. I can help you; what do you want me to do?” The lion said, “Oh my deer forks, I have become so sick that I cannot even get up from here.” “Can you please go inside my cave and bring me my medicines?”

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Foxy thought to himself, “This would be his trap.” Then he looked around the cave and saw that there were only footmarks of animals entering the cave; he did not see any footmarks that would indicate that any animal had come out of the cave.

So Foxy deduced the intention and asked him, “O my friend lion, how come I can only see the footprints of my friend animals entering inside your cave and not coming out if you killed anyone who came to visit you inside the cave?”

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At that time, Sheru realised that Fox understood his evil intentions. Then he tried to defend himself, saying, “Oh no, no, no Fox, I have removed all those marks from the ground,” but this explanation was in vain. Foxy realised that the lion was telling a lie, so he told Sheru, “Oh, my dear friend lion, I know you’re lying, and I know that you have killed all my fellow animals who paid you a visit, and now this will not happen anymore.” “I will go to the jungle and alarm everybody so that nobody comes to you.”

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Remember, this will not last for a long time.

Foxy returned to the jungle and told everyone that “if they loved their lives, they should not visit the lion, otherwise the lion would just kill them with his lie.” From that day forward, no animal visited the lion, and the lion died of starvation.

The moral of the story is that one should never lie to people for selfish reasons, because otherwise, one will be left alone in the end.

The Sick Lion and the Clever Fox

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