The Fox and The Crow Story

Once upon a time, many types of animals lived together in a forest. A very intelligent and sensible crow also lived in that forest. All the animals respected that crow very much and used to go to him to solve their problems.

A very clever fox also lived in the same forest, which was very opportunistic; she used to fool the forest animals and grab their stuff.

Once upon a time, the crow was very hungry, and he wandered here and there searching for food. While flying, he reached a village where he saw a large piece of bread lying outside a house.

The crow immediately grabs the piece of bread in his beak and flies away.

The crow becomes very happy to get such a big piece of bread and thinks he will eat this roti by taking comfort in a secluded place.

When that cunning fox passes by, seeing such a large piece of bread in the crow’s mouth, her mouth waters, and she starts thinking of usurping it.

The fox goes to the crow and says, “Hello crow.” The crow does not answer the fox.

The fox further says, “Crow Brother, how shiny your wings are, how strong and beautiful you look, how fast and high you fly, you should be the king of birds.”

The crow does not say anything, even after listening to all this.

The fox further says: I can confidently say that the one who is so beautiful to look at, his voice will be sweeter and more melodious than that. Crow brother, can you tell me a song in your sweet voice?

The crow understands the fox’s cunning; he knows that the fox is doing all this flattery to get a piece of bread from him.

Now the crow decides to teach a lesson to the fox.

The crow grabs the bread buried in his mouth with his foot and says, “Thank you, fox.” To date, no one has praised me so much.

I am pleased with you, and today I will sing you my favorite song.

The fox is baffled by the crow’s intelligence, and she starts to leave. Without listening to the song, the crow says, “Sister fox, where are you going?” without listening to the song.

The fox replies, “The crow brother can’t listen to the song today, has missed the critical task, and runs away after speaking.”

Seeing the fox running away, the crow starts laughing.

Lessons from the story of the driving fox and the wise crow: we should never get into the talk of sycophants.

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