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The Greedy Man and the Axe

Once upon a time, two unknown men were travelling together. While walking, they started talking to each other and soon became good friends. Suddenly, one of them found an axe lying on the road. He shouted happily, “Oh wow! What a nice day today. I got an axe for free and will get some money by selling it. Then the other man said, “No friend, don’t say we both have the axe; we will split the money in half.” But, the first man did not agree and shouted angrily, “No! This axe is all I got. Why should I distribute my axe? On hearing this, the other man becomes silent.

Suddenly, they saw a man running fast towards them, shouting angrily, “Thief, thief… You two thieves stole my axe.” Wait, you two, I’m calling the police.” After listening to that person, the man who got the axe was terrified. He asked the other man nervously, “What should we do now?” The other man smiled and said, “Since you have got the axe, and it is yours, you will have to bear the consequences!” Saying this, the man went on his way. The greedy man looks helplessly at her passing and thinks, ‘I wish I weren’t so greedy!’

But now, nothing could happen; he had to face the punishment for his greed.

This story teaches us that we should not be greedy.

The Greedy Man and the Axe

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