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The Wise Monkey Story

The Wise Monkey Story | Podcast

Once upon a time, there were many monkeys in the royal garden of a city, and the princes also liked to play with monkeys. The leader of those monkeys was very intelligent. Apart from ethics, he taught different scriptures to all the monkeys; all the monkeys of the royal garden used to respect their Monkey king very much and follow his every command.

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In the same city, many sheep were also reared to pull the vehicle of the young prince. One of those sheep was very greedy and voracious. Whenever she got a chance, she entered the kitchen and ate everything. The cooks used to beat that sheep with sticks, but despite this, she did not desist from her habit.

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When the monkey king saw all this, he got worried. He thought that this sheep might someday become the reason for destroying all the monkeys. It is possible that, eventually, a servant will hit that sheep with burning wood, causing its wool to catch fire. Because of this fire, many horses will be burned, and many will be injured. There will be a demand for monkey fat to save those remaining horses and heal the wounds of jealousy. Then we will all be killed.’

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Thinking about the future, he advised the monkeys to leave the Royal Garden immediately. But no monkey was ready to listen to Monkey king. They could quickly obtain fresh and sweet fruits in the royal garden. They told the chief monkey, “You have grown old, and so many nonsense thoughts are coming into your mind due to old age.” We will only visit the royal garden and the sweet fruits, like nectar.

Monkey king said with tears in his eyes, “Fools!” “The pleasure of this greed will cost you dearly.” Having said this, the chief monkey left the royal garden and walked to the forest.

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A few days after Monkey king’s departure, his prediction came true. That day, when the same greedy sheep were eating food stolen from the kitchen, a servant threw burning wood at them. A sheep’s wool started to burn, and she fled to the stable to save her life. Due to this, the stable also started to burn. Many horses were scorched to death in the fire; some ran away by breaking the rope, and many were injured.

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The king called a veterinarian to save the injured horses. The doctors advised that the lives of the burned horses could be saved by applying an ointment made of monkey fat to their wounds. The king immediately issued an order to kill all the monkeys. Following the order, the soldiers caught and killed all the monkeys. At his death, all the monkeys remembered what their Monkey king had said, and they repented for not listening to him.

When Chief Monkey got the news of the deaths of all the monkeys, he was despondent, and the fire of revenge against the king flared up in his mind. Day and night, he kept thinking about how he could take revenge on the king for the deaths of his children.

One day he found a pond in the forest, on the banks of which were the footprints of humans. On the bank of that pond, there were footprints of humans walking to the pond but not coming back; he understood that all the humans who came to this pond were killed, and no one returned. He had an idea of how to solve this problem. Breaking the cord of the lotus, he put one end of it in the pond and started drinking water from the other end.

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After some time, a crocodile came out of the pond wearing a necklace. As soon as the crocodile came out of the water, he said, “To date, no one has returned after walking to this pond to drink water, but you have shown extraordinary intelligence by taking the drinking water method through the lotus canal.” I am pleased with your intellectual talent. You will ask for a boon, which I will give. Anyone can ask for a boon.

The monkey king thought about what to ask for a while and then said, “Crocodile!” “How much eating power do you have?”

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The crocodile replies, “In water, I can eat hundreds of animals or humans; but on land, my power does not work.”

The monkey king further said, “I want to take revenge on a king. “If you give me this bracelet, I can bring his whole family to the pond and cook your food.”

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The crocodile gave his necklace to the monkey king. The monkey king went to the king’s palace wearing a necklace. A wonderful glow emanated from that necklace, and the whole palace was lit up by its glow. When the king saw that necklace around the monkey’s neck, he asked, “Monkey king! “Where did you get such a beautiful necklace?”

The monkey king replied, “Your Majesty, in the forest a bit away from here is a miraculous pond. “One who takes a bath there on Sunday morning gets a garland.”

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The king expressed his desire to bathe in that pond with his family so everyone could receive a garland.

On Sunday, everyone, including the king, reached the pond with the monkey king, and everyone got ready to enter the reservoir at a fixed time. The monkey king said to the king, “King, you stay for a while; first, let more people take the garland; you will enter the pond with me.” “We will enter from a place where the most garlands will be found.”

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After some time, the king saw that everyone who entered the pond had drowned; no one came up. When he didn’t appear, the king looked worriedly at the monkey king. The monkey kings immediately climbed onto the high branch of a nearby tree and said, “Maharaj! Your whole family has been eaten by the demon sitting in the pond. “You destroyed my clan, and now I have destroyed your clan.” “Today, my revenge is complete.” “It is done; you return to your palace.”

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The king was almost mad with anger, but now he could not do anything.

Lesson from the story: It is a practical policy to answer violence with counter-violence and to answer wickedness with wickedness.

The Wise Monkey Story | Panchatantra Story

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