Where there is unity there is strength story for kids

Once upon a time, there was a group of birds that used to fly here and there in search of food.
One day, they flew for a very long time, and the birds started getting tired. 
Suddenly, one of the pigeons saw rice grains spread out under a banyan tree.
They were so happy to see the rice grains that they all came down at once.
The hungry birds started eating the grains happily.
The poor birds didn’t know that they were trapped in a trap by a hunter.
They flapped their wings and bit the net. They tried to fly, but it was of no use. They were already trapped. 
The birds saw a hunter walking towards them. The hunter was very happy. He said, “Whoa, I’ve got so many birds today.”
On hearing this, the birds came up with a plan. One bird said, “Don’t worry, listen to me. We need to grab the net in our mouth.”
Flap our wings and fly together to get out of here. We need to work as a team.
In a few seconds, they were all up in the air. The hunter could not believe his eyes.
When he saw all the birds starting to fly with his net,
He shouted and ran after them.
But in a few minutes, the birds had flown away.
One of the birds says, “Great, we are free from the hunter. Next, we need to get out of this net.”
I have an idea that my friend Mouse lives in a field nearby.
Let’s fly there. I’m sure he’ll help us without wasting any time. They flew towards the field.
When the mouse heard the sound of approaching pigeons, he hid in his hole.
The birds say, “Oh my dear friend, please come out,” after hearing this mouse come out.
The birds say, “Please help us and be free from this.” After hearing this, the mouse cut the net into pieces. The birds were free and happy. 

The moral of the story is: unity is strength.

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