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The Lost Camel

Once upon a time there lived a man. He had a camel. Along with his camel, the man used to travel far and wide. On one such journey, he happened to lose his camel by some bad coincidence. He ran here and there, madly searching for his lost camel. But there was no trace of his camel anywhere. “Where did the camel go?” the man worried. Wandering, he came into a small town. There he asked everyone, “Have you seen my camel? Have you seen my camel?” “No!” ” came the answer from everyone.

The man was getting disheartened. He was just about to start back for his home when he saw three men coming that way. They looked like wise men. The man walked up to them and gasped, “Have you seen my camel by any chance?

One of the wise men asked, “Is your camel blind in one eye?” “Yes, he indeed is blind in one eye,” replied the man. His eyes twinkled of hope. “Have you seen my camel anywhere?” Now the second wise man asked, “Is your camel lame?” “Yes, yes he is! But how do you know so much?” the man became restless. This time the third wise man asked, “Is your camel carrying grain on one side and honey on the other?”

Now the man became impatient. He pestered the three wise men, “Yes, my camel looks exactly like what you people are describing. Will you please do me the favour of telling me where you saw my camel?” “We didn’t see it anywhere,” all three of the wise men said at the same time. “Stop fooling me. I am already depressed and you three are making fun of me,” the man cried out.

We are not befooling you. We did not see any camel, believe us,” said the three wise men calmly. The man flew into a rage now. He took them to the king and pleaded before the royal court, “My lord, these three men have stolen my camel. They describe it so aptly but deny having even seen it. How is that possible? Justice! Your majesty, I seek only justice.”

The king questioned the three men. “Have you really seen this man’s camel?” “No, not at all, your majesty!” the three wise men replied. “Then how can you say what the camel looks like in detail?” asked the king. “As we were coming this way, we noticed the grass eaten only on one side. So, we assumed that the animal must be blind in one eye,” said one of the wise men.

Further we found traces of grain on one side and honey on the other. So, we concluded that the animal must be carrying two bags on the either side of its back,” said the other. But the owner of the camel was still not convinced. He asked “What about the camel being lame?” he asked. How did you know that?”

The three wise men said politely, “The hoof marks of the animal were lighter on the left side than the ones on the right. So, we came to know that the animal must be lame.” The king and his entire court looked amazed at the intelligence of the three men.

They are no thieves,” said the to the owner of the The Lost Camel. “They are learned and wise. Go in the direction from which these men have come. You may find your camel.” The king then appointed the wise men as his ministers. The owner of the camel went on his way searching for his the lost camel. At last, he found it after following the wise men’s observation.

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