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Jealous Witch Story

There used to be a sultan who was in charge of all of Arabia. He had a son, whom he named Afan. A witch was the Sultan’s most powerful courtier. She doesn’t like Prince Afan at all. So, she would try over and over again to make the sultan dislike Afan. “My lord, Prince Afan wants to get rid of you as king and send you away.” Beware! She’d whisper to herself.

When the top courtier started talking, the Sultan didn’t pay much attention. But slowly, he began to give in to its power. One day, the Sultan had an idea that went something like this: “I should put Prince Afan to the test and see what happens.” He asked the chief courtier’s advice. “O Sultan, you should give him challenges that can’t be done.” He would get angry and leave the realm in the end. The witch said to the Sultan.

So, the Sultan asked Prince Afan the following day, “Go get me a tent that is small enough to fit on my palm but big enough to shelter our whole army.” It looked like the prince was confused. “Where can I buy one of these tents? There’s no way for one tent to be both small and big simultaneously.” He gave it a lot of thought.

Then, suddenly, Prince Afan thought of his fairy wife, Fatima Bano. “Yes, I’m sure Fatima will help,” he told himself. When Fatima heard about the strange thing the Sultan wanted, she couldn’t help but smile for a while. Afterward, he said, “Please don’t worry, my dear prince. You will have a tent-like structure when you wake up tomorrow.”

The next morning, Fatima gave the tent she had promised the prince. He went to the Sultan with great joy and gave the tent to him when he got there. What he had just heard left him speechless. But the witch threw a scornful look at the prince.

After that, the sultan asked the prince, “Why did you do that?” “The next thing I want you to do is to find a man no taller than four feet. But his beard should be thirty feet long and have a tonne of iron strapped to his shoulders.” This was just one more thing that couldn’t be done. The prince, who was obviously lost, asked Fatima Bano for help again. The fairy smiled and answered, “Don’t worry, my lovely prince! It turns out that the person you’re talking about is none other than my brother Shabbir. Tomorrow, I’ll tell him to visit this place.” Shabbir showed up the very next day. He was short and carried a long iron rod over his shoulder. His beard was thirty feet long. When the prince showed up, it made him happy. The prince called his friends and asked them to accompany him to the sultan. They left after that. But before that happened, Fatima Bano told her brother to stop the people plotting against Prince Afan.

When Shabbir walked into the sultan’s court, everyone was shocked, including the sultan himself. The witch couldn’t believe what he was seeing. The Sultan’s face changed from one of a surprise to one of shock. The dwarf went straight for the Sultan and his Chief Courtier at that moment. The iron rod had been resting on his shoulder, but he took it off and threw it at them.

The dwarf got angry and yelled, “Take it for being rude to Prince Afan and plotting against him!” The decisive blow from the iron rod ended the Sultan’s and the witch’s lives.

In this way, the people of Arabia got away from that stupid sultan and bloodthirsty witch, and Prince Afan proved to be a good king.

Moral - We should always choose our consultant after thinking carefully.

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