The Three Tradesmen: A Tale of Unity and Strength


Once upon a time, in a bustling city filled with narrow streets and lively markets, there lived three tradesmen. They were not only colleagues but also the best of friends. Their names were Ravi, the brick dealer, Arjun, the wood merchant, and Mohan, the leather seller. They worked hard during the day, buying and selling their goods, but in the evenings, they would gather at their favorite tea stall and share stories and laughter.

One sunny day, as they sat enjoying their tea, a messenger rushed through the crowd, spreading news of an impending attack on their city. The soldiers were preparing for battle, as a neighboring state sought to conquer their land. The three tradesmen’s faces turned pale with worry, and their hearts sank.

“We cannot let our city fall into the hands of our enemies,” Ravi said, breaking the silence. “We must find a way to defend it!”

Arjun nodded in agreement. “Yes, we must protect our homes, our families, and all that we hold dear. But how shall we do it?”

Mohan, known for his calm and wise demeanor, spoke up. “My friends, I believe that each of us can contribute to the city’s defense with our unique trades. Let us explore the strengths of our professions and find a solution together.”

The three tradesmen huddled closer, discussing their ideas. Ravi, being a dealer in bricks, suggested, “Friends, bricks are the best way to fortify a city. Even cannonballs cannot penetrate the resistance put up by a strong brick wall.”

Arjun, who dealt with wood, interjected, “But Ravi, timber is incredibly versatile. We can use it to build tall watchtowers and sturdy gates that will keep the enemy at bay.”

Mohan, quietly listening to their conversation, smiled and said, “Dear friends, all said and done, I must say there is nothing in the world to defend a city like leather. It is strong, flexible, and can protect us in ways you can’t even imagine.”

The three tradesmen debated passionately, each one believing their own trade was the best solution. They couldn’t come to an agreement, so they decided to put their beliefs to the test. They agreed that each one would work separately and create a defense using their respective trades.

Ravi, the brick dealer, gathered a team of skilled workers and set out to build a massive wall made of strong bricks. Day after day, they toiled, stacking the bricks one by one, creating a formidable barrier around the city.

Arjun, the wood merchant, selected the finest timber and assembled a group of carpenters. They worked diligently, crafting sturdy wooden structures. They built tall watchtowers that overlooked the city, ensuring no enemy would go unnoticed. They reinforced the gates, making them nearly impenetrable.

Meanwhile, Mohan, the leather seller, used his expertise to craft protective armor made of the finest leather for the city’s soldiers. He stitched together strong leather shields, armors, and helmets, ensuring they would be safe in battle.

Days turned into weeks, and the tradesmen worked tirelessly on their individual tasks. Finally, the day of the attack arrived. The soldiers from the neighboring state approached the city with cannons and swords, ready for battle.

To their surprise, they found the city well-prepared and defended. The brick wall stood tall and strong, preventing any easy entry. The wooden structures provided excellent vantage points for the soldiers to spot the enemy’s movements. And the leather armor protected the soldiers, making them feel invincible.

The attackers were astonished by the city’s defense. They realized that their conquest would not come as easily as they had anticipated. The power of unity and the importance of each trade became apparent to

 them. The three tradesmen’s dedication and expertise had saved their city from certain defeat.

After the attackers retreated, the tradesmen gathered once again. They now understood the value of collaboration and the strength that comes from diversity. They realized that everyone has their unique skills and talents, and when they come together, they can overcome any challenge.

The people of the city celebrated the tradesmen as heroes. They praised Ravi’s sturdy brick wall, Arjun’s strong wooden structures, and Mohan’s protective leather armor. They marveled at how each trade played a vital role in their city’s defense.


From that day forward, the tradesmen’s friendship grew even stronger. They celebrated their different trades and helped each other prosper. They became known as the Three Wise Tradesmen, guiding others to appreciate and respect everyone’s abilities.

And so, dear children, remember this valuable lesson from the story of the Three Tradesmen: “Who has a trade may go anywhere.” Embrace your talents, collaborate with others, and together you can conquer the world!

Moral: The moral of the story of the Three Tradesmen is that unity and collaboration are essential in overcoming challenges. Each person’s unique skills and talents contribute to a collective strength that can achieve remarkable things.

Lesson: The story teaches us that everyone has their own trade or talent that they excel in. It emphasizes the importance of respecting and appreciating diverse skills and abilities. By working together and combining their expertise, people can overcome any obstacle or adversity they face.

The story also highlights the significance of valuing teamwork and the power of collective effort. It encourages children to embrace their own talents and collaborate with others, recognizing that by doing so, they can achieve greater success and make a positive impact in their communities.

So, the lesson from the story of the Three Tradesmen is that when we unite our individual talents and work together, there is no limit to what we can accomplish.

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