Long ago in Arabia, there lived a man named Ali renowned for his ability to tell jokes and entertain his friends. His specialty was mimicking the sultan and the ministers of the land, which made him quite famous.

One day, word of Ali’s jests reached the sultan’s ears. Learning that a common man was making fun of him, the sultan was incensed. He ordered his soldiers, “Bring Ali to the court immediately. I will teach him a lesson he won’t forget.”

The soldiers wasted no time and apprehended Ali, presenting him before the sultan. Ali, before the sultan could speak, bowed respectfully and greeted him. “Sultan, I am deeply honored to be in your presence. I have longed to meet you. Your wisdom and charisma have left a profound impression on me. In fact, I have composed a poem in your honor. Would you permit me to recite it for you?”

The sultan was taken aback by Ali’s words and granted him permission to recite his poem. However, Ali hadn’t actually composed a poem about the sultan. Thinking on his feet, he quickly improvised lines praising the sultan’s greatness. The sultan was so captivated by Ali’s verses that he forgot why he had summoned him, showering him with compliments.

The sultan, carried away by Ali’s words, said, “You are a remarkable poet. You deserve a reward. Choose any statue from over there.” The sultan pointed to a row of statues. Ali, with a twinkle in his eye, picked the statue of a monkey and placed it on his back. Gratefully, he thanked the sultan for the award and departed from the palace.

On his way home, curious onlookers stopped Ali and asked, “Ali, why are you carrying a monkey statue on your back?”

Ali chuckled and replied, “I just recited a poem in praise of the sultan, and he awarded me this statue. He must have found a likeness between me and this monkey.” His witty response left everyone in stitches.

Quick thinking and cleverness can help you navigate tricky situations.

Moral of the Story:

Lesson from the Story:

Ali’s cleverness and ability to adapt saved him from trouble. Instead of retaliating against the sultan, he used humor and wit to not only escape punishment but also earn an unexpected reward. This story teaches us that wit and quick thinking can be powerful tools in diffusing tense situations and turning them to our advantage.