The Princess and the Pea | A Fairy Tale

Princess and the Pea

Princess and the Pea | Podcat

Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom, there was a young prince who was searching for a true princess to marry. He had searched high and low, but had not found a woman who met his high standards. One stormy night, a young woman arrived at the castle gates, seeking shelter from the rain. She was drenched and claimed to be a true princess.

The queen, who was a bit skeptical, decided to test her claim. That night, she ordered her servants to prepare a bed with twenty mattresses and place a tiny pea at the bottom. The next morning, the queen asked the young woman how she slept. The young woman responded that she had not slept well and had tossed and turned all night. The queen was convinced that the young woman was indeed a true princess, for only someone as delicate and sensitive as a true princess could feel a tiny pea through twenty mattresses.

The prince was overjoyed to have found a true princess and asked for her hand in marriage. The young woman agreed, and preparations for the royal wedding began. As the wedding day approached, the queen and her servants wanted to make sure that the bride was indeed a true princess. They came up with a plan to test her once again. This time, they placed a tiny piece of straw in the middle of her bed.

That night, the princess climbed into bed and felt the straw. She knew immediately that someone was trying to test her, but she didn’t say anything. The next morning, the queen asked the princess how she slept. The princess smiled and said, “I slept like a baby, thank you for your hospitality.” The queen was relieved to know that the princess was indeed a true princess, and the wedding proceeded as planned.

As the newlyweds settled into their life together, the princess proved to be everything the prince had hoped for and more. She was kind, intelligent, and had a heart full of love. They ruled the kingdom together with fairness and justice, and the people loved them dearly. And so, they lived happily ever after.

Moral of the story: True nobility comes from within, and it cannot be judged by outward appearances or material possessions.

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