Once upon a time, in a peaceful village nestled amidst lush green hills, there lived a hound named Rocky. He had served his master, a kind-hearted hunter named Raj, with utmost loyalty and dedication for many years. Rocky was known for his strength, agility, and sharp senses, which made him an exceptional companion during their hunting expeditions.

As the years went by, Rocky began to feel the weight of old age gradually creeping upon him. His once swift legs became slower, and his mighty bark had softened. Deep lines of wisdom adorned his face, telling tales of the adventures he had shared with his master. Although Rocky’s spirit remained unyielding, his body could no longer match his youthful vigor.

One fine morning, Raj decided to embark on a challenging hunting expedition to capture a fearsome boar that had been wreaking havoc in the nearby forests. Raj knew that the task would require the strength and skill of his faithful hound, Rocky. They set off together, their hearts filled with determination and a shared sense of adventure.

As they ventured deeper into the forest, Rocky’s senses were heightened. His keen nose caught whiffs of the boar’s scent, leading them closer to their target. Hours turned into a day, and the sun began its descent toward the horizon. Suddenly, a rustle in the bushes caught Rocky’s attention. He sprang forward, his body driven by years of experience.

With a burst of energy, Rocky leaped into the air and caught the mighty boar by its hind leg. However, to his dismay, Rocky realized that his teeth had become weak and worn with age. He struggled to maintain a firm grip on the boar, desperately trying to hold on. Unfortunately, his teeth failed him, and the boar managed to escape his grasp.

Shortly afterward, Raj arrived at the scene, his anticipation turning into disappointment as he saw the boar fleeing. Overwhelmed by frustration, he failed to notice Rocky’s struggle and the toll that time had taken on him. Blinded by his own anger, Raj unleashed his fury upon the old hound, raining heavy blows upon him.

Feeling the pain of each strike, Rocky let out a feeble cry, hoping to make his master understand the truth. Between the beats, he managed to utter, “Your Majesty! Please don’t make me suffer. I may have lost my strength and teeth, but I have not lost my courage or determination, which I gained through my years of loyal service.”

Those words struck Raj’s heart like a lightning bolt. He stopped abruptly, dropping to his knees beside the wounded hound. Gazing into Rocky’s weary eyes, Raj realized the depth of his own ignorance and the injustice he had done. A wave of remorse washed over him, filling his heart with regret.

Tears streaming down his face, Raj gently cradled Rocky’s head in his hands. “Oh, my faithful companion,” he whispered, his voice filled with sorrow. “I have been blind to your unwavering loyalty and the sacrifices you have made. I now understand that age and time have taken their toll on you. Please forgive me for my ignorance and harshness.”

Rocky, his body trembling with pain, managed to wag his tail weakly, a glimmer of forgiveness shining in his eyes. He knew his master had finally realized the depth of their bond and the years of unwavering dedication he had shown. In that moment, Raj made a silent vow to make amends and cherish the remaining days they had together.

From that day forward, Raj treated Rocky with love, tenderness, and utmost respect. He made a comfortable bed for him near the fireplace, ensuring he had warm blankets to ward off the chilly nights. Raj also prepared soft meals, considering Rocky’s

 weakened jaws, and stayed by his side, offering comforting words and gentle strokes.

News of Raj’s transformation spread throughout the village, and people came from far and wide to witness the remarkable change in him. They saw a hunter who had learned the true meaning of loyalty and compassion from his aging hound. Raj and Rocky became an example of the unbreakable bond between humans and animals, teaching others the value of empathy and understanding.

As the seasons changed and the years rolled on, Rocky’s health continued to decline. One serene morning, with the golden rays of the sun painting the horizon, Rocky peacefully closed his eyes, knowing he had lived a life of purpose and love. Raj, heartbroken yet grateful for their shared journey, buried his beloved companion under the shade of an ancient tree, forever honoring his memory.

The village mourned the loss of the wise old hound who had touched their lives, but his spirit lived on in the hearts of those who had witnessed his tale. Raj, forever transformed by his loyal companion, dedicated the rest of his days to protecting and caring for all creatures, big and small, understanding that true strength and loyalty lie not in physical prowess but in the love we share.

And so, the story of Rocky, the old hound, was passed down through generations, reminding people that in times of peace, we must remain faithful to those who have stood by us, just as the hound had been loyal to his master. And in times of hardship, we must display bravery and determination, as the hound had shown during his younger years. True loyalty and courage come from within, regardless of physical limitations.

And as the tale was retold by parents to their children, the moral of the story echoed in young hearts: In peace, be faithful; in war, be valiant.

The moral of “The Old Hound” Panchatantra story is:

1. Loyalty and compassion transcend physical abilities: The story teaches us that true loyalty and compassion come from within and are not dependent solely on physical strength or appearance. Rocky, the old hound, remained loyal and courageous despite his physical limitations, reminding us that the depth of our character matters more than our external capabilities.

2. Appreciate and value the ones who have served you: The story highlights the importance of recognizing and appreciating the efforts and sacrifices made by those who have served us faithfully. Raj, the master, learns the value of Rocky’s years of loyalty and dedicates himself to making amends and cherishing their time together.

3. Kindness and understanding bring transformation: The transformation of Raj from an angry and ignorant master to a compassionate and understanding one shows us the power of kindness and empathy. Through his remorse and change of heart, he demonstrates that a little understanding and compassion can bring about profound transformations in relationships.

4. Age is not a measure of worth: The story emphasizes that one’s worth is not determined by age or physical abilities. Despite growing old and losing his teeth, Rocky’s courage and determination remained intact, proving that age should never be a reason to underestimate someone’s value or contributions.

5. Spread love and compassion: The story encourages us to spread love, kindness, and compassion to all living beings. It teaches us to treat animals with care and respect, recognizing their loyalty and the lessons they can teach us about life.

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FAQs about the Old Hound

The hound's feeble cry and its words of courage and determination made Raj pause and reflect on his actions. He looked into the hound's eyes and saw the truth, realizing his ignorance and the injustice he had done.

Raj learned the true meaning of loyalty, compassion, and understanding from the hound. He understood that physical strength fades with time, but inner qualities such as courage, determination, and unwavering loyalty are timeless.

Raj changed his behavior towards the hound, treating him with love, tenderness, and respect. He made amends for his actions and dedicated himself to caring for the hound in its old age. He also vowed to extend his compassion to all creatures.

The moral of the story is that in times of peace, we should remain faithful to those who have stood by us, just as the hound had been loyal to his master. And in times of hardship, we should display bravery and determination, as the hound had shown during its younger years. True loyalty and courage come from within, regardless of physical limitations.