Uncle Tiger and Uncle Rabbit short story for kids

One hot morning, Uncle Rabbit was gathering carrots for lunch. Suddenly, he heard a terrifying roar: it was Uncle Tiger!

“Aha, Uncle Rabbit!” Said the feline.”Aha!” Uncle Rabbit. “Says the feline,”. “There is no way out, and you will soon be a tasty snack.”
At that moment, Uncle Rabbit noticed some huge stones at the top of the hill and came up with a plan.

“I may be a tasty sandwich, but I’m really skinny,”  he says. “Look up the hill; I have some cows there, and I’ll bring you one,” Uncle Rabbit said. Why limit yourself to a small sandwich when you can indulge in a lavish meal?”

Uncle Tiger couldn’t see clearly because he was facing the sun, so he approved the suggestion. As a result, he let Uncle Rabbit go up the hill while he waited down below.

Uncle Rabbit screamed as he reached the top of the hill:

“Uncle Tiger, open your arms wide; I’m herding the fattest cow.”

Then, Uncle Rabbit approached the largest stone and pushed it with all his might. The stone rolled quickly.

Uncle Tiger was so excited that he didn’t see the huge stone that crushed him, leaving him sore for months.

Uncle Rabbit fled, jumping with joy.

Moral: Better to be cunning than strong.

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