In a lush and vibrant forest, where tales of wisdom were woven into the rustling leaves, there existed a community of birds that encompassed every hue and melody imaginable. Amongst them were a vulture and a kite, both distinct in their own mannerisms and features. The vulture was known far and wide for his acute vision, while the kite was appreciated for its graceful flight and tactful nature.

As the golden rays of morning adorned the forest, an impassioned debate arose between the vulture and the kite. The vulture boasted relentlessly about his unparalleled eyesight, a pride that had grown over years of admiration and self-congratulation. The kite, wise and grounded, advised caution against such vanity.

“You exaggerate too much, my friend. It is not wise to be swamped in such immense pride,” the kite remarked, the morning light reflecting in its keen eyes.

The vulture, defiant and haughty, brushed off the kite’s counsel. “It’s not an exaggeration if it’s the truth. Even the humans acknowledge the prowess of my sight. Haven’t you heard them use the phrase ‘sight of a vulture’? I insist we settle this with a trial to showcase the might of my vision,” proclaimed the vulture, his feathers ruffling in defiance.

Reluctantly, the kite agreed, and they set a plan into motion. They would soar to great heights, from where they would attempt to spot the minutest details on the verdant earth below. As the sun prepared to take its evening bow, they initiated their ascent, spiraling higher and higher until the forest appeared as a magnificent tapestry of green and brown hues below them.

At a significant height, where the winds whispered secrets of the forest, the kite questioned, “Is this height satisfactory, or shall we ascend further?”

“As you wish,” the vulture replied, his eyes narrowing as he prepared for the trial, the impending darkness urging them to hasten.

With intense focus, they gazed upon the earth, trying to distinguish the most minuscule details. The vulture, with an air of superiority, began describing a scene that unfolded beneath them. “See there, amidst the vast forest, I can pinpoint grains of wheat scattered upon the ground. I bet you cannot perceive such minute details,” he said, a smirk of triumph playing on his beak.

The kite remained silent, astonished and slightly apprehensive about the vulture’s claim. Agreeing to verify the vulture’s claim, they spiraled down, the earth now rushing up to meet them.

Driven by his confidence, the vulture sped ahead, eyes fixed on the spot where he claimed to have seen the grains of wheat. But in his blinding pride, he overlooked a looming danger: a hunter’s net strategically placed around the grains.

Realization struck too late. The vulture found himself ensnared, his wings flapping frantically in a futile attempt to escape. Meanwhile, the kite had witnessed the unfolding tragedy from a safer distance, her heart sinking at the sight of her friend’s predicament.

She descended gracefully, her voice tinged with sorrow as she addressed the trapped vulture, “Your vision is indeed remarkable, being able to spot grains of wheat from such a height. But alas! Your pride clouded your perception of the evident danger that now entraps you. What should we call this, a tragic overconfidence or foolishness?”

The vulture, his spirit crushed under the weight of his pride, could only hang his head in shame, regret gnawing at his heart. Despite his struggles, the net held firm, a grim reminder of the perils of overconfidence.

And as the sun sank lower, painting the sky with hues of sorrow, the kite whispered a heartfelt lesson to her ensnared friend, “There’s no glory in possessing a gift that leads you to demise. Let this be a lesson that pride, more often than not, heralds a fall.”

The forest echoed with the soft rustle of leaves, bearing witness to a tale of pride and downfall, a lesson etched in time, teaching the generations to come about the dangers of overconfidence and the virtue of humility.


Overconfidence and pride can lead to one’s downfall. It is essential to remain humble and aware of one’s limitations, as failing to do so can lead to unforeseen dangers.


The story teaches us that pride can cloud one’s judgement, making them overlook potential dangers. It serves as a reminder that a humble approach, where one is aware of both their strengths and weaknesses, can often prevent unnecessary pitfalls and tragedies. It is also a cautionary tale that warns against being too boastful about one’s abilities, emphasizing that wisdom lies in recognizing and acknowledging one’s limitations.

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