Once, in a time long ago, numerous creatures cohabitated in a dense, lively forest. However, they faced persistent annoyances from mosquitoes, wasps, bees, and other pesky insects since they lacked tails to shoo them away. Only the lion, who was the respected ruler of the forest, had a tail.

Driven to find a solution, the creatures approached the lion with their grievance. After contemplating deeply on the matter, the lion devised a clever plan. He established a shop in the forest where animals could purchase tails and have them attached by the forest’s skilled physician.

News of the tail shop spread like wildfire, creating an atmosphere of excitement and eagerness in the forest. Soon enough, animals of all kinds flocked to the lion’s new shop, forming a long queue to get tails of their preference. From monkeys to foxes, each found a tail that suited them, enhancing not only their appearance but also granting them the ability to fend off the irritating insects.

Sadly, the hippopotamus, known for his sluggish nature, reached the shop quite late. As he lumbered towards the end of the line, he noticed that the variety of tails was rapidly depleting. When it was finally his turn, he found that only a small, insignificant tail remained.

Disheartened yet not wanting to miss the opportunity, the hippopotamus reluctantly acquired the tiny tail. He visited the physician to have it attached, hoping it would somehow ease his troubles. But to his dismay, the tail was far too small to be of any help against the relentless insects that plagued him.

Days turned into weeks, and the hippopotamus grew more despondent, envying the other animals who could skillfully use their tails to keep the insects at bay. His frustration reached its peak as he realized that the tiny tail couldn’t provide the relief he desperately sought.

Finally, unable to endure the constant pestering of insects and the discomfort his inadequate tail brought him, the hippopotamus made a life-changing decision. He chose to abandon the forest, seeking refuge and peace in the serene waters of a nearby river. There, he found the tranquility he yearned for, away from the maddening buzz of insects.

From that day on, the hippopotamus embraced his aquatic life, venturing onto land only when necessary, marking the beginning of the aquatic lifestyle that all hippos now follow.

Moral of the story:

Sometimes, adapting to a new environment can bring peace and happiness, even if it means standing out from the crowd.


It’s essential to act promptly and make wise choices; procrastination can sometimes lead to unsatisfactory outcomes.

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