In the bustling city of Benaras, lived a man named Somnath, renowned for his honesty and kindness. Somnath was the royal treasurer and a doting father to his son Kapilesh. His love for Kapilesh was boundless, and the boy grew up in a warm and caring environment.

Kapilesh’s childhood friend, Jeevan, was the son of Somnath’s maidservant. They had a deep bond and shared their dreams and aspirations as they grew up together.

As Kapilesh and Jeevan reached adulthood, Somnath saw potential in Jeevan to serve as his attendant. However, Jeevan harbored grand ambitions and was unwilling to embrace the life of a servant. He yearned for a life of luxury and wealth.

One day, Somnath approached Jeevan, expressing his desire for him to become the head of his servants. Jeevan reluctantly agreed, concealing his true ambitions. Instead, he devised a cunning plan to marry a wealthy man’s daughter and secure a prosperous future.

Jeevan hatched a scheme to deceive Somnath and escape his life as a servant. He wrote a fabricated letter to Gopinath, a friend of Somnath residing in Lakshmanpur, pretending to be Somnath’s son Kapilesh. In the letter, he claimed that an astrologer had advised him and his wife to separate from their son for a while, with the intention of marrying him to Gopinath’s daughter.

Gopinath, misled by the letter, accepted Jeevan as Somnath’s son and married his daughter Gauri to him. Jeevan moved into Gopinath’s home, took control of his business, and started commanding the household.

However, Jeevan knew that he had to be cautious to avoid the truth coming to light. He meticulously maintained the facade and ensured that no one discovered his deception.

Back in Benaras, Somnath and Kapilesh were deeply concerned about Jeevan’s sudden disappearance. They searched for him tirelessly but found no clues to his whereabouts.

Eventually, a man arrived with information about Jeevan’s new life in Lakshmanpur. Somnath decided to visit his friend Gopinath to both reunite with Jeevan and seek Gopinath’s approval for Kapilesh’s marriage to his daughter.

Somnath informed Gopinath of his visit, which filled Gopinath with joy. Jeevan, however, was filled with dread, realizing that his comfortable life of deceit was at risk.

Fearing exposure, Jeevan approached Somnath, pledging to maintain the utmost respect for him and his wife while he stayed with Gopinath. He requested that Somnath not reveal his previous life as a servant.

Somnath, recognizing that Jeevan had learned a valuable lesson and wishing to avoid causing him further harm, agreed to keep his secret.

Upon arrival at Gopinath’s house, Somnath and Gopinath joyously reunited, discussing their friendship and the marriage of their children.

Somnath expressed his admiration for Jeevan’s dedication and commitment to helping Gopinath in his business. He decided to leave Jeevan under Gopinath’s guidance to further his education and skills.

Jeevan, relieved and transformed by his experiences, embraced humility and moderation. He never criticized the food prepared by Gauri, and his behavior became moderate and gentle.

In the end, the tale of Jeevan serves as a powerful reminder that deceit and ambition may lead to unexpected lessons in humility and character, ultimately transforming a person for the better.


Deception and ambition can lead to unexpected lessons in humility and character.

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