My-Paranormal-experience-in-abandoned building

My Paranormal experience in abandoned building

It happened when my three other friends and I decided to find something thrilling, horror-filled, and fun to do one night, so we decided to get some paranormal experience.

As we were driving, we hadn’t yet found a place for the ghost hunting activity we planned earlier, until we noticed an abandoned building for quite some time but hadn’t managed to go down to have a look and walk around the area at night.

So that night, we decided to go down there and have a walk, and we might be able to get what we wanted. It was around 10.00 pm at the time, as we got nearer to the abandoned building.

We parked our car just beside the main road. Just as we got out of the car, one of our friends actually smelled something like a rotten body, but none of us smelled it, so the lovely friend kept it to himself and helped us prepare things to bring to the abandoned building.

And not long after the first friend smelled something, another friend of ours smelled the same thing, and it made the two of us sense it.

But none of them said anything then. While my other companion and I were still trying to organize our belongings, the smell hit us, and we could actually smell an extremely stinky, dead rotten body smell.

It was so intense that one of my friends almost fainted. We just shut our mouths and started lighting up our cigarettes.

A drain used to flow towards the cemetery; we all lit a cigarette and crossed the gutter, and walked towards the cemetery.

One of my friends suddenly panicked and ran off towards the car. The rest of us got goosebumps and decided to follow him back to our car.

He was all shook up, shivering in a cold sweat. I asked him what happened, but he just kept quiet and said, “Let’s go…” Let us get out of here first. “

We can sense the fear in him. His face is getting red, and he is sweating. So we keep our mouths shut, pack our things and get out of that area.

All of us are in the car now, and we are moving towards Kota Town. Not long after that, the friend said something was watching us from the car.

As we were crossing the cemetery, a ghost was smiling standing beside a friend, and he was pointing to my friend to come closer to the cemetery.

We all kept quiet and just went to our own homes.

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