Might is Right

Once upon a time, a man named Ramu lived in a village; he had a lot of cows and buffaloes.

He used to take great care of his cows and buffaloes because he used to sell their milk and run his house; Ramu’s was a very respected person in his village.

Every year there used to be an animal fair in that village, and like every year this year, also Ramu goes to that animal fair to buy more buffaloes.

Many merchants had come there to sell their cows, and they knew Ramu very well.

After a lot of research, Ramu likes a buffalo, which is very healthy; the cow’s owner tells Ramu that the name of this buffalo is Radha, and she gives a lot of milk.

Ramu buys Radha by giving money to the owner of the buffalo.

Now Ramu leaves for his house on foot with Radha; there is a dense forest on the way to his house; when Ramu is crossing the forest, he sees a man coming toward him with a stick in his hand.

On seeing Ramu, the man says, “O Ramu, hand over this buffalo to me.” Ramu asks, “Why? I just bought this buffalo, why should I give it to you.”

Now that man looks at Ramu angrily and says, “Have seen this stick, I will break your head with one stroke and then I will take this buffalo”.

Ramu understands that he can’t win this time by fighting with this person, so he tells that robber, okay, you can take the buffalo, and from today you are the owner of this buffalo, take good care of it.

The robber is quite surprised by this friendly behaviour of Ramu and starts going ahead with the cow when Ramu says, “You are taking the buffalo; how can I go home empty-handed? Everyone will make fun of me.”

Hearing this, the robber stops and asks, what do you want from me?

Ramu says that you give me your stick, I will take the same and go to my house, at least people will not laugh at me.

The robber thinks for a while, and he feels Ramu is correct; he thinks that I have taken the buffalo, now what is the use of this stick? And he gives the stick to Ramu.

Ramu’s attitude changes as soon as the stick comes into his hand, and he tells the robber that “Listen, the robbers should hand over the buffalo to me, or else I will break your head with this stick.”

The robber is quite surprised by Ramu’s behaviour and asks, what are you saying? This doesn’t seem right; I gave you the stick only after you asked for it, and now you are scaring me.

Ramu says that I am not doing anything wrong; I am only doing what you did to me a while back.

The robber understands that it is in his best interest to return the buffalo to Ramu, and he quietly returns the buffalo to Ramu.

After giving the buffalo, the robber says to Ramu, ” I have returned your buffalo, now you return my stick to me.

Hearing this, Ramu starts laughing and says, ” I am not so stupid; you have not heard that the one who has the power is right (might is right).

Now it is in your best interest that you go quietly from here; otherwise, I will break your head with a stick.

Hearing Ramu’s words, the robber leaves, and Ramu happily goes towards his house; Today, he got the stick along with the buffalo for free.

Children, Might is Right proverb has come from this story.

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